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10 March 2013


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Dear folks, we need your help.

In the next week or so the Mining Ministry will decision whether or not to grant this license and we need to flood their offices with objections.

The Meakambut people are very worried that no one will hear their story or come to their assistance.

Please take a moment to write a short email expressing your concern or objection to the ELA to Byron Chan or Max Rei at their adresses: or or send a letter directly to Philip Samar at the MRA, address below.

It could make a big difference in changing their minds.

Philip Samar
Acting Managing Director
Mineral Resources Authority,
Mining Haus
PO Box 1906, Port Moresby NCD Papua New Guinea.

Stan Nekital
Registrar of Tenements
MRA, Mining Haus, PO Box 1906 Port Moresby NCD Papua New Guinea

Thanks for reprinting my post to Byron Chan - your blog has such a wide audience!

Nancy - Thanks for your post and the efforts to reserve these very significant cultural sites not only for the Meakambut people but the whole of PNG.

As Michael says you are up against the biggest forest caterpillar baron of Asia and his elite cronies so will need all the help you can get.

RH's track record across the globe and even in his Sarawak base is abominable yet laughs at the rural people he exploits in using Rimbunan Hijau or 'Ever-Green' as the title of his company. Now he has another smirk with Pristine #18

Here is part of an article from The Sarawak Report 2011/01/20:- “Perhaps they should start by considering how much benefit they got from the loss of their trees? In the case of the child in the picture her family was offered RM 250 for native lands holding timber worth million of ringgit.”

And a post at same site:- “Taib and his aliens have sucked mainly the Dayaks to liveless human beings...They have nothing...Majority of them”

Open a fighting fund and let us know the bank, branch details etc.

Nancy, your tact and delicacy are commendable, but I hope you've got knuckle dusters under those silk gloves you wear.

Fair warning. It will be interesting to see a response from Minister Chan to this issue at Karawari.

Nancy Sullivan & Associates don't wish to embarrass our Honourable Minister and his Ministry, but I hope the Honourable Minister and his Ministry don't wish to embarrass the people of Papua New Guinea, by allowing another huge chunk of our heritage and land to be sold away.

Nancy, as a private citizen I am continually embarrassed by the antics of my government ministers, members and public service fucking* things up for my people.

When are they going to stop embarrassing us? May be Karawari can be a first.

*French word for actions brought on by ignorance, idiocy and ineptitude.

Nancy, I read with interest your piece, and I fully support what you are trying to do.

Let me know what you think I could do to help.

David - email

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