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04 March 2013


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Talking of so called 'raskols' in the capital city, well at least you have space and not so bad odour.

Comparing with other countries, we still have good order and not so bad crime activities happening. In the past years, we haven't heard of people being tortured, or nasty murders. Whereas in some countries, people can see with their naked eyes of these things happening.

Violence or crimes occur for some reasons. Poeple see that they don't get help or support from the authority. Another thing is that, we allow people from other countries to come and do business in the country.

When that happens, they over-populated the city, making it possible for such things to happen in the country.

The article is well articulated, however, appears to be more prejudiced. Port Moresby is quite safe, its the problem of one being "in the wrong place and at wrong time"!

The streets of Port Moresby are unsafe for foreign nationals walking around flashing their iPhones or iPads.

I think Jonathan would do well to stick to economic analysis rather than make snap judgements about a country he has never visited.

What is this 'Papua' he talks about? Do raskols control Port Moresby? And his account of last year's 'mutiny' deserves a prize for fiction. And the government web site is not fully-functional! Must be a sign of a bad investment risk.

And he's IFR Asia’s chief analyst.

Who is this guy, Eric Packer?

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