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27 March 2013


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Thank you for the many positive comments.

Much appreciated.

Thank you Mr Yegiora for being my mentor. I realise what you've written would not fully define who you really are, but will help those that are hanging on the fence, standing on the crossroads and having self-pity, to unleash their potential and define who they really are.

Thank you Mr Yegiora to share your God-given gifts, as a blessing to those that think they cannot make it through in life.

I always read your articles in the Sunday Chronicle during your time in China but I missed this very, very interesting "My Story".

Dreams and achievement is a reflection of self discipline.

You are an achiever and most of all you are a role model to those of us (friends & students) who know you.

I am inspired, Bernard. Thank you for sharing your story.

There are moments when fulfilling one's dream may be heart throbbing.

There are times when no words cannot express the joy and ache life causes.

Life is decision, a yes or a no.

I may not be very skilled in writing but I cannot deny the fact that C S Lewis is one of the authors I enjoy - he writes masterpieces.

The last paragraph is quite touching and very decisive.

Dear Mr Yegoria - That's very motivating and inspirational for students like us.

The article was about your personal life but can motivate countless of us to look up on you as our role model on our unknown journey in education.

Hope reading more from you as one of your students. Thanks and God bless.

Thankyou Mr Yegiora.Your article is very inspirational and intresting. It's very encouraging and as a student of DWU I am very happy to have you as my mentor/facilitator in taking communication arts.

Also I am very pleased with your parents for supporting you and bringing you this far. May the God Lord continues to bless you and your family.

Thank for those who commented.

Learning is a two way process, I am also learning from you all.

Mr Yegiora, you have carried on the legacy left behind by your grandfather as an academic now.

May the young ones you educate in DWU continue to brighten PNG in all spheres of life. Wakai wo.

Thanks Mr Yegiora. That was an inspiring short story from a person who has well experienced part of his life
Life not only gives you what you expect but would sometimes give you what you don't expect, as the saying goes, "expect the unexpected"
Mr Yegiora, your inspiring testimony is a stepping stone to continuing students like us, an encouragement to the dropouts and could be a reflection to those that have come through such life experiences.

You could take some time to thank the Lord for bringing you this far and I know he has more for you in life.

And we could learn from your experience that if the Lord could do such mysterious things in your life then there's no doubt he could do the same to us all.

This article is an eye opener for many students and audiences out there who are yet to achieve their goals.

It is an inspiring and encouraging article. Our dreams and goals are influenced by our everyday experiences.

Mr Yegiora's story is a challenge for me as a student. Thanks Mr Yegiora for sharing your story, it will help and encourage many readers.

I am priviliged to have Mr Yegiora as my facilitator in Communication Skills, with such experiences his lectures are interesting.

Bernard, I think you are really fortunate to have good parents who have sucessfully brought you up to where you are now. Hope you always thank God for that.

I am very impressed with your story and privileged to have as my mentor for communication skills this year. You are an understandable person.

Thankyou for your encouraging article and I hope you will publish more.

This is an inspiring and encouraging article. There are different ways of achieving your goal. Our plans and dreams change along the way and are influenced by what we come accross in life.

I am priviledged to have Mr Yegiora as my facilitator in Communication Arts. With his experience, his lectures are interesting. I am learning alot from his lectures. He is a good role model. Thank you Mr Yegiora for sharing your story.

As a student, studying Year 1 PNG Studies at DWU, I am privileged to have Mr Yegiora to be my facilitator in Communication Skills.

Through Mr Yegiora I have learnt so much in the first half of semester one and I am looking forward to the second half of the semester.

With his experience, he has shared the most interesting and wonderful lectures. After reading his excellent article, I at least have a fair knowlege about my facilitator.

The article is an eye opener for me in terms of my long term and short term goals as a student. It has made me think of my career path and dreams. A very encourging article.

Whoever has come across this article will agree with me that Papua New Guinea has an intelligent citizen making changes in the lives of those he has come across.

I've heard the phrase you mentioned about "there's not only one way to skin a cat". My personal development teacher always told us this quote during my secondary years.

I myself kind of believe in this because looking back to the persons today with big tags; most did not reach up following the same way rather they take different means before getting up there.

Thanks Mr Yegiora for sharing your nice story. It encourages those who have difficulties making choices in what to study and how to go about excelling in school.

Thanks for reminding us that there are many ways to achieve our goal and dreams.

Hi Bernard, I am impressed with your story. It is a story that keeps me motivated. Your determination and focus in achieving a high standard is something young Papua New Guineans should strive for.

Once again thank you all for the comments.

Robert, I remember you and your wife Naomi with your girls.

My parents were happy when I told them about your comment on PNG Attitude. Likewise, they wish you and your family success in your future endeavors.

Every decision you make will determine the future of you and also your family, so don't depend on others to make it for you.

It has been you and your perents that pushed you from elementary until you finished college.

One thing to take in to account is to follow your heart not what you always dream of.

An interesting and successful life journey Bernard. You are still young and I believe one day your ultimate dream will be fulfilled. Keep striving.

Hello Bernard - Wonderful to read your journey. My family and I lived in Bangladesh over the last 18 years and knew your family quite well.

In fact we enjoyed our visits to your home in Kundiawa. Please convey our love to your wonderful mom and dad.

May you continue the great work and influence.

Best life story, my friend and lecturer.

It's fun and sad reading because, you know, I am his student here in DWU since 2012.

But Bernard is 3 or 4 years younger than me. I was born on 25 July 1979 and he came in on 29 September 1983.

Having gone through the conflict on my island, together we entered UPNG in 2003. I walked out in 2004. We shared some of these fine UPNG lecturers.

But here I am, a bighead Bougainvillean, still a student.

Thanks all.

Yeah! Very interesting and inpiring one.

Very enjoyable Bernard and great to know more about you.

All these stories are really inspiring and, as David Wall says, go a long way towards mollifying some of us grumpy old expatriates.

I hope there are more to come.

Maybe something can be done with them as a collection later?

Thanks Benard for the wonderful story you wrote. It's kind of an interesting and inspiring one.

It really inspired me in terms of reaching my future dreams because the way you got through was not that easy. Let's thank god that he made everything possible.

Thank you everyone for the many positive comments.

Life is truly a wonderful journey full of ups and downs.

We learn from our mistakes in order to help us move forward.

Thanks Bernard for a wonderful life story. As a student, I find it interesting to read this kind of article. Just by reading it, I was convinced and I learnt something.

I hope and believe that whoever comes across this article will have the same feeling I have.

Individual students have different goals to achieve. There are different ways that we can go in order to reach our goals.

Your life story encourages me to know that there are different ways that can be taken to achieve my goals.

I hope and believe this article will influence a lot of students in PNG. Thanks Bernard!

Bernard, thanks so much for your piece: "My Story...".

With people like you in PNG, I get the feeling that some of my darker thoughts about PNG's future from time-to-time are not justified.

Interesting story, Bernard. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to know about you a little more.

You may be multiplying a lot of PNGean diplomats (with your current role) with better understanding of the Chinese culture and their effectiveness of their soft power.

Similarly, your association with SWEP and PNG Attitude's narratives and commentaries should also augur well for your students- (whom you have wisely introduced as part of their assessment) to be well rounded and informed citizens of the country.

Keep writing/reading, young man. The nation needs more individuals like you to shape the national conversation and document the nation's art for the youngsters who will come on the scene after we have given way.

Mate, so happy to read this. Our recent brief exchange of emails showed me an interesting and probably idealistic man of high intelligence and solid academic background, but now I have much more of Bernard Y in my mind, and I warn you that there are more emails to follow!

Also I second all of that which Mrs Short says. I think that perhaps the expat ex-chalkies as a group within the ex-PNG colonial diaspora are those who get real satisfaction and even joy when they contemplate the results of their efforts, despite their living within the shadows of the present era of social stress.

The great positive stories which are coming to the surface on this blog from sometime students are witness to their efforts.

Onya, mate, and may you continue at full strength!

What an interesting life story, and so well written. Your story fits well into the last 30 years of world history.

My generation of "European" Australians went back to Europe to understand our roots. You know your roots and have learnt a lot in China to help you to understand the future.

Australians are now trying to understand the new role that the Chinese are starting to play in our country. We slowly realised we had to learnt to integrate with the countries of Asia to survive economically in the current world.

We have been very fortunate and probably wise in the way we have run our country. Look at the problems that the European countries are facing today.

But we know that when dealing with Asia we have a lot to learn about their roots and their culture. I feel people like you can help us!

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