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01 March 2013


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Corruption is everywhere and every day it is practised in all levels of the economy.

More people are sidetracked by all the money and filth of these politicians. The leaders of the parliament forget their sole purpose of being there is about the very people who put them in the house of parliament.

Exposeing corruption and the leaders who practise it will surely help.These corrupt leaders do not belong in parliament.

Services and proper infrastructure are always late. There is misappropration of funds.

If we don`t do something about this then we are all going to be losers and no change will take place.

Corruption is in the headlines of the media today.

Everywhere in PNG people talk about corruption. And it's true that corruption has been lacking PNG's ability to change.

In the past we heard that PNG is a developing nation, and yet, today, we are still using that term - "developing nation".

When will we say that we are developed or industrialized?

This is one of the questions that people ask. And the problem or issue is, who will answer it for us? Or who will develop the nation?

This is one of the everyday thoughts that I as a person have especially when people raise the topic of corruption.

As individuals and citizens of this nation it is our responsibility to help build the nation in every possible way.

We say that PNG is a democratic country and have rights. But we have to know that we also have obligations to balance those rights.

Before we talk about our rights, we have to accept the responsibility to make a change. If we all work together for nation building, we will make a change.

Everywhere people talk about corruption. Sometimes people say that PNG is realy a corrupted country.

It is true, because some corruption activities happen before our naked eyes, such as bribery during election time, misappropriation of funds etc.

Leaders that are voted into the parliament were not supposed to take part in corruption activities. They are there to serve and support the people with their basic needs and not to deprive the rights of poor citizens.

Those corrupt people, from the top level down, need to be buried alive and gone for good so as topromote the hard working citizens who fight for PNG.

Corruption is the worst issue that is going on in the parliament icluding all the levels of the economy.

Even though our nation is a democratic nation, we dont really exercise all our freedom of rights.

Unfortunately the leaders that we choose to serve us instead tend to forget their roles and obligations and used the public benefits for their own good and well being.

Therefor, the news that we had about corruption are only the tip of the iceberg which is never made known to the public.

Because even those who are supposed to be investigating this are being bribed and there is no accountibility and transperancy within our government. So instead of saying democracy, maybe we can say demo-go crzy.

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