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09 March 2013


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Merelyn has done something great. Let's all be like her. Think positive and act positive towards others who need help.Thanks Merelyn for your time and effort.

I would like to thank Merelyn for a job well done. I encourage professional Papua New Guineans in different fields to support and carry out projects like this with passion and provide quality services and basic needs to people in the rural areas of Papua New Guinea.

Merelyn deserves a medal.

Congratulations for the determination, courage and perserverance. God bless you, sister, in this very noble profession.

Merelyn Aruke - susa meri yu fit natin.

Merelyn. and I believe many others like her out there unknown to the limelight, are the ones that can trully help PNG.

Michael Dom's 'the hope that can only be offered by ordinary Papua New Guineans stretching out their hands to each other' is really touching. I agree brother!

Merelyn, I believe she has caring behaviour for her society. PNG needs these types of public servant who serve the people with all their heart and not for the sake of just getting the pay for doing lousy work.

I commend her for the good work she has done. You know Merelyn it is complicated to patrol the remote areas especially where there is no road link.

Well done Merelyn Aruke. Full credit to you in your efforts so far in assisting ADI in its humanitarian assistance to the most needy areas of our country. God bless you.

Merelyn's story is familiar to me and I'm sure many other Attituder's know character's like her; true Papua New Guinean heroes and heroines who give from what they have.

Thank you Peter Macdonald for helping Merelyn to shine on Attitude.

Stories like Merelyn's, Joe Yagama's and Jimmy Drekore's give us some hope for the future, the hope that can only be offered by ordinary Papua New Guineans stretching out their hands to each other.

Let us remember that.

I would like to thank Merelyn for the quality work she has done and is going to do.

She is married and has children but this is not a barrier for her or she does not use it as an excuse.

She is focused on helping people in the rural areas with a good heart. This shows clearly that she loves her job.

Most of the country's population live in rural areas. If there are more people like Merelyn who are working tirelessly without complaining and wanting something in return, to help the rural population, people's lives will be saved.

I think what she is doing is very much appreciated by her patients. I believe God will bless and protect her always.

Thumbs up to Merelyn. Keep up with the tireless efforts helping those in need. Hope you'll be blessed accordingly, one way or the other.

PNG needs more ladies like Merelyn who serves with a dedicated heart.

PNG need such ladies like Merelyn who have the heart for those sick patients when they are really in need.

If there are plenty of nurses who have the same frame of mind as Merelyn, I think many patients who live in rural areas will be in a better condition.

Nowadays many people who live in rural areas have lost their lives because poor road conditions mean they have lacked good treatment.

It is good that Merelyn patrols around the remote areas to help patients.

I think such a woman will receive more blessings not directly but indirectly.

Thank you Merelyn, please keep up the good quality of your work to save people's lives in PNG.

Such women like Merelyn are people with golden hearts and are rare to find in some communities today.

I truly believe in my heart that God will enrich you and also double your blessing because you have given and helped without expecting anything in return.

Like you, I one day wish to be helping people.

Merelyn, you'll be my role model. What you have done inspired me a lot,

PNG needs such a citizen like you who gives and doesn't need something in return.

Wish all we Papua New Guineans would act the same way as Merelyn.

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