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10 March 2013


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Nice article, Keith. Like to read the last paragraph.

President Momis must do it good and proper so the issues relating to this project can never arise again. The 20,000 people lost is enough.

The people want to see Bougainville progress.

A very interesting development in mining policy.

But I agree with Leonard's caution.

It's been said that PNG has some of the best laws in the world. So, why aren't they working?

(Functional illiteracy or my favourite French word?)

Cheers to President John Momis - a leader with the plight of his people at heart.

From the outset, this law seem like one that will protect landowner rights while empowering them to be decision makers in matters pertaining to resource exploration and extraction.

However only a good government not compromised by corruption will stick to the letters of the law.

So the onus is on Bougainvilleans to always ensure their elected leaders do not deviate from their duty to ensuring this law is strictly adhered to by all participants.

That's cool but not enough.

Who owns the mining exploration licenses, the 19.5% PNG share in BCL, etc?

Anyway, ABG need to bring more educational infrastructure to Bougainville. It's about time tertiary institutions were built.

Laws are good but it needs an educated Bougainville population to make tangible progress with them.

Tingting tasol.

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