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25 March 2013


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Until poor old Matt has attended a haus krai he will never understand PNG.

I've really been struggling with this one. I didn't want it to be like this.

I mean, I've been waiting for Matt's maiden message on PNG for 48 hours. I wanted it to resonate.

Now the new parly sec has tweeted to the world:

‏@MThistlethwaite - I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Waverley Primary School - BER Hall & Outdoor Learning Area"

The good folks of PNG and the South Pacific must be breathless. I'm on the oxygen cylinder.

The - guy - doesn't - get - it...

Thistlethwaite! Good God, Peter, this statement from the new Hon is unbelievable, and I guess must have substance or it would never have appeared on the KJ blog.

So you get your Pacific Islands portfolio by having "surf" knowledge in Australia? Maybe he'll have everyone up there wearing red budgie smugglers?

Well I hope the people of the Highlands, Goroka and Mt Hagen are ready for surfing lessons. Maybe the new Hon knows that a very big tsunami is coming and the Highlanders will require survival information.

No wonder the attached photo of him shows that he looks so far out of his depth.

To save expenses in plane fares, maybe an Air Force jet of the Defence forces, the VIP squadron, he'll paddle up to Port Moresby on his surfboard?

Seems the situation goes from the bizarre to outer space! The newly appointed High Commissioner must be in a state of shock.

Come on Foreign Minister Bob Carr, do something and do it fast - rescind this appalling appointment.

Presumably he'll bypass Mosbi and head straight to either Wewak or Vanimo with his surfboard.

It will be interesting to watch how long it takes Abbott to alienate Peter O'Neill, Richard.

I think it took Howard and Downer about three days to upset Michael Somare!

Thistlethwaite says he plans to visit PNG next month. So give him a good welcome guys. I think he'll need it, as this is his pitch for the job [ABC] -

"He says his community work at Australian beaches was great experience.

"' have been involved in surf lifesaving for about 28 years and being involved in a community group, you naturally have a exposure to Sydney and Australia's multicultural communities,' Senator Thistlethwaite said."

People from south of the Torres Strait, take a Bex and a good lie down. Water might be best rather than latte coffees, premier wines or spirits.

Enough of this class warfare - right v left.

PNG demands a well versed Australian Parliamentary Secretary for this position to advise, assist and
give assistance to the PNG government of the day, presently the government of PM Peter Charles Paire O'Neill,
rather a mouthful?

The essential ingredient for this post is a person who has had Pacific Islands experience.

Senator Matt Thistlethwaite does not appear to have passed the first test.

Let's all see the first release of what the now Hon Senator Matt Thistlethwaite has to say and what proposals he will be putting in place. He better be good and quick. Time is fast running out.

I, for one, want to see positive results from the aid going north for the people, not boomerangs coming back here and not overseas bank accounts of politicians in PNG.

Australian political tribalism has no relevance to PNG. The same issues will be faced no matter who rules in Canberra. Boomerang aid was rife in the Howard years, as well as Rudd/Gillard's tenure.

What is needed is good local knowledge, a commitment to help with the real issues affecting PNG (TB, AIDS, education, infrastructure development, education etc.), some sincerity and respect, and a true willingness to work with PNG agencies on the ground.

Bugger whether the pollies come from 'left' or 'right'. There are no such divisions when your tambus are dying of cholera and can't read the health leaflets.

Phil F - You are probably like me. Dismayed but not surprised by the utterings of the Far Right brigade, rightfully christened by Francis N as the "old boys from PNG, down under".

We other old boys, Francis, had to contend with Country Party jerks such as Charles Barnes and his ilk prior to self-government and Independence.

In fact, I had to flee from Oz in 1963 to escape from 'Pig Iron' Bobby Menzies and his Tory minions. Didn't think the ultra-Tory reign would ever end.

And in 1975 was part of the protest outside the Australian High Commisssion showing our disgust at Kerr's removal of the elected PM - Gough Whitlam. It ran for 48 hours.

Will I have to do another 'runner' should the Abbott end up in The Lodge? Probably not at this advanced age.

Still, if Turnbull was the Right's designated leader they'd romp home. The Abbott is very much an unknown, and unknowing, quantity.

Colin - Thy not takin t' piss art o' uz lush sheep Rose eur theur?

Francis Nil, do not despair, with some "luck" come September 14th, if it gets to that date, with some good fortune, the LNP will appoint as the Parliamentary Secretary of Pacific Affairs, Senator Suzanne Kay (Sue) Boyce of the LNP?

Please read this Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister in waiting.
Senator Boyce did live in PNG as a newspaper person, and has considerable knowledge of the country and the needs, desires, aspirations of the young people.

Her Qld Electoral Office is just about 2-4 minutes walk from where I live.

One has to laugh at the comments of Peter Kranz and the Yorkshire connection of one Matt Tistlrthwaite! Reminds me of the BBC sitcom of "Keeping Up Appearances" and Mrs Hyacinth Buckets, pronounced "Bouquet", sister
the vibrant Rose who had many gentlemen callers with names like "Thistlethwaite".

The Senator's staff did look at PNG Attitude blog of KJ, might need to see if they still are looking. I think a little walk next week will be in order.

Have had a good laugh and enjoyed those derision ...oops! I mean the comments from the old boys of PNG downunder on the appoint of Matt This... to keep appeasing and enhancing the Aussie-Pacific island nations relationship including PNG.

Since the neighbours up north don't know much about the guy except what we are reading in PNG Attitude, we generally consent to the thoughts of the old boys.

May be Matt's maiden foreign destination should be PNG. Right nowis good luck Mr This...

Hey Barbara.

Sit thissen dahn an' tell me abaht it.

Thistlethwaite be a right proper Yorkshire name going back t'before I was a boy. 'fore Norman conquest. An' Ah'll tell thi that fer nowt.

Eee bah gum!

Poor man..have pity on him...what a surname to have to live with!

Thanks Colin and guys for this insight into Australian politics.

We will try to entertain the new parliamentary secretary with information about PNG.

Does he know where PNG is?

I doubt if it will make much difference. I know part of the reason for Duncan Kerr's departure was the intransigence of DFAT and their so called experts.

Kevin - If this was happening as we now see here, 2013, as happened in France "Storming of the Bastille, 14 July 1789"
There would be heads rolling galore in Canberra.

Thankfully now we don't storm Parliaments, well in democracies at least - so far!

Look at the Headlines in todays Australian and for PNG viewers google it.

"Union Loyalty to steer Labour". PM Gillard on the march, I suspect - but where? View the letters to the Editor, interesting.

View the political commentators. Even Bob Hawke's plea.
I can hardly wait for Paul Keating to have a say. Gough is a bit too old for this nonsense.

Former PM's Malcolm Fraser and John Howard must wonder what planet Australia has risen to.

I even feel that I should apologise to the "purple dressed, Falcon-500 jet of a mysterious Malaysian trip over Indonesia air space and politician Belden Namah and all his antics in casinos of Sydney.

No John Fowke, you are not right wing. There needs to be two wings to fly. Gillard and Co have lost both wings.
And as for "Awww.....shit!" from Phil, more like a case of severe diarrhoea.

I just hope that someone in the new parliamentary ministers office will refer him to this PNG Attitude blog. He may hopefully see what our, Australian responsibilities are with AIDS and what is happening up there
with infrastructure - health, education and development etc.
Read the comments of the PNG readers and their

Now is another chance for the PNG'ians readers, let it rip ie: your thoughts. And good luck.

One can but hope. The movie "The Wizard of Oz" was in Kansas, USA. Made 1939 - I would be amazed how many Americans in that year would have thought that they would be fighting a war from Dec 7th 1941 and being stationed in PNG locations? I would be surprised also if Americans
in 1939 had any idea where Papua New Guinea was.

Let's hope that the next "Wizard of Oz" can come with advice and assistance from Canberra.

Unfortunately I have my doubts.

The relief of having like minded "lapuns"... and yes Colin the walk by Hockey and Rudd was great television..

Good one Kevin! That's about his capabilities. And that even could be questionable.

My sincere sympathy to the Bomana Turf Club and the life guards at Ela Beach.

He wasn't too brilliant here with his advice to the Australian Jockey Club, now called the Australian Turf Club (ATC).
Just another union hack being "rewarded"!

I pity the new High Commissioner and her job. Professional diplomats don't need Amateur Masters!

I also wonder has he ever heard of the Kokoda Trail?
I wonder will he, like Rudd and Hockey do the trek with a member of the LNP? I suspect not - leeches might scare him to death.

The Rudd/Hockey trek was all shown here on TV. Good viewing and amusing comments on the difficulties of their "epic" trek.

But for TV viewers here they did get a good idea of what it was like, but far worse, in WW2.

So now, until 14 September, still a questionable date, we have a Ministry of Union Officials with "egos" far above
their capabilities.

Port Moresby weather? Just google. Anyhow it is shown on SBS news.

Not much happening at the Turf Club, and certainly no life guards at Ela Beach, mate! A lacklustre appointee indeed; but it doesn't really matter as he will only be in place until September.

Please chaps, don't label me again as being of the far right - I'm not. Just one of several million voters who are going to respond to the present Circus Oz by forcing it to fold its tattered tent and go away.


Seems par for the course. He should be able to advise the Bomana Turf Club and the life guards at Ela Beach...

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