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14 February 2013


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It is a great privilege for a women to be posted as PNG's High Commisioner to the Solomon Islands. I think it's time women were given such opportunities like this.

With her vast experience in both private and public law, I think she is the right person for the post.

Not only is this post another milestone for her but it is a trend that is taking place at present that women are also very capable of reaching such heights in their careers.

Papua New Guineans, especially the women, should learn from Catherine and know that, if she can do it, so can they.

Papua New Guineans should be happy about the new posting of the High Commissioner to Solomon Islands.

The thought of a woman taking up the position is overwhelming.

Women are always looked down on but now at least we have a woman like Catherine Davani to be a role model for so many women in PNG.

I'm not boasting because I'm a female but honestly say women are the backbone of this country.

Without women what do you think would happen?

Papua New Guinea residents in Solomon Islands are lucky enough to have Catherine Davani as their commissioner. She is a woman of intelligence and I guarantee that she will make PNG proud and serve her people fairly.

All eyes are on you Catherine Davani, so show PNG what you are capable of doing.

From one extreme to another.

While we pray for these poor women who are being persecuted in parts of PNG, we thank God for the likes of Justice Catherine Davani.

I remember Cathy back at Keravat NHS 1976-77 and meeting up with her while she studied for her Masters at Sydney University 1987-88.

Now she is speaking at UN Women Australia Meetings at Canberra and Melbourne in March 2013.

She is a clever lady who has used her talents well. What a wealth of experience she has had in life.

I pray that PNG will respect and honour her and that the Lord will continue to watch over her and her family whatever task she undertakes.

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