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23 February 2013


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The students and National Staff Academic Association at Unitech want Dr Schram to continue to head the university, and yet he was deported.

So who's interest is the prime minister serving?

See the follow up story. My first and second deportation on 8 Feb and 9 Mar were indeed unlawful. My work visa is still in my passport, and my employment contract is valid and has just been reconfirmed by the Interim Council. Since it is a systematic denial of my human right of free movement, this is a major violation by PNG.

Thank you for your interest in my case. We are discovering now irregularities have taken place when cancelling my work permit. We hope all the issues can be solved so that I can return and be allowed to do my job effectively and safely.

I think the deportation of Dr Schram was unlawful.

The university will start its school year very soon and it's only proper if Schram is allowed to head the university while the investigation continues.

The student body and the National Staff Academic Association (NASA) at the university are calling for the government to allow Dr Schram to continue to head the university.

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