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07 February 2013


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If this thread is still being followed I would be pleased to field any further queries re William John Absolom (Jack)READ from any and all (bar John Pasquarelli).

Ross Fairhurst (Proud Grandson)

I am Jack Read's nephew, and if you can contact me on 03 9707 5420 (Australia) I will fill you in on the Read family.

Gwen died in 1980, and Jack in 1982 - or thereabouts
Daughter Judy is still alive and golfing!

Thanks Anne, I will pass this on to Rachel, Morgan's widow (and my mother-in-law).

Morgan was the very youngest of the Seeto clan of Kavieng, the eldest being John Seeto who, at 91, resides in Sydney. john took over the family after their father died immediately after World War 2.

Morgan's widow Rachel is a PNG woman whom Morgan met when he made a trip across to New Hanover (Lavongai) with his friend Eddie Seeto in about 1960.

He and Rachel then took over John Seeto and Company store in the late 1960s. I am married to their eldest daughter, Elaine.

Best wishes.

Just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear of Morgan's death.

My Mum had many dealings with the Seeto family in Kavieng and held all of them in high regard. She had special regard for Morgan as he did not enjoy the benefits that some of his younger siblings did.

My Mum is now 91 and remembers much of her New Ireland days. She is Pat Murray.

Condolences (belated though they are) to Morgan's family.

Thanks again guys (particularly Terry). Have now found Jack Read's daughter, Judy Fairhurst of Ballarat.

Dave, on reflection, it might be that Jack Read returned to PNG in the early 1950s on his own and my father-in-law was a guest of Mrs Read and the daughter, on their own in Melbourne, as was the case with so many families (as you and I have been in more recent times in PNG).

Thanks so much John P, Terry and Dave E.

Yes, I think my father-in-law's memory was growing hazy as the cancer took hold and he began to confuse situations, dates and people.

But of the Read connection, Morgan Seeto was very clear, as he arrived in Melbourne to go to school from Kavieng and the Reads, having known him as a very young man who had survived the war and had been resettled back on Kavieng, made the adjustment so much easier.

Again guys, thanks from the Kavieng and Brisbane Seetos .......

Jack's daughter is in Ballarat - have forgotten her married name!

The above from PNGAA Vale may be of assistance to you.

I can't help with descendants but for accuracy, Mrs Read was not a widow in the 50's as I recall meeting the great man at Konos in New Ireland in 1968 when he was a Land Titles Commissioner.

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