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28 February 2013


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It will be a hard way around because, since Rio Tinto was the main contributing factor to the creation of civil war, they should think first before operating.

It seems that before they want to operate, they have to fully compensate the landowners first before operating. I think that should be fair enough.

I suppose that in the end the people of Bougainville will have to decide if they really want the mine restored to operation, then what amount of money they want paid out to them before or after start-up.

When this 'demand' is placed before the company, the managers will decide whether this amount of money meets their expectations for returning a profit to their investors or not.


At least that's my very simple picture.

There is more that needs attention.

So far, leaders promote the concept that 'compensation should be done after mine starts production' but people on the ground want 'compensation before operations begin'. Who wins, I am not sure.

My hamlet lost 11 houses and two vehicles plus other valuables; nothing will be done as the trend is going but I don't like that.

To all things: prevention is better then curing!

Reopening the mine will surely reopen closed wounds.

Eh, yu noken tok aut nau. Pablik relesens em secret retirement plan bilong mi.

Bai mi sindaun long Cairns na kaikai moni tasol! LOL!

Shh, brat Keith yu maski funny, mi tok tru ya. Mi liklik mangi tumas.

Bai yumi givim luksave nem long ol biklain ya.

Ol SWEP ting wanem?

Mi ting sapos yumi mekim nais, ol bikman meri bai hammas long sapotim SWEP tu ya, eh laka?

Ating bihain yu nap wok wantaim displa lain oli kolim pablik relesens - KJ

Oi! Ating bai gavman ino inap givim wanpela Logohu long dispela brata Lasslett!

Orait mi yet givim em:; 'Grand Chief of Green Left Website' - GCGLW.

Na narapela wantok ya, Kemish, bai kisim wanpela luksave tu o?

Ating Crocodile Prize bai givim em nem 'Grand Was Papa billong Pukpuk' - GWPP.

Sapos olsem orait, givim Dame Carol Kidu nem 'Grand Was Mama bilong Pukpuk' - GWMP.

Taim blong yumi yet long givim luksave long ol trupela manmeri save tingim PNG igo pas.

Yupela tok?

Gutpela tingting olsem ol bigman na meri kisim bras ia. Na Michael Dom ken kisim wantaim olsem 'Draipela Papa Bilong Tok Singsing' - KJ

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