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26 February 2013


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Des, at the risk of boring those who have heard me say it all before, I can only repeat what I've always maintained. PNG is not unique in battling corruption.

It is a constant threat to all public finances. You only have to look at the present political debacles going on in NSW or with Union funds. The essence of the PNG problem is only one of degree.

Either you have an equally applicable law and order policy or you do not. There is no grey area when public finances are concerned. You can't turn a blind eye to a crime just because it involves a wantok.

Until and unless an inviolate line is drawn in the sand, the same problem will continue to plague PNG. 'Poroman, inogat narapla rot'

People everywhere must stand up for what they believe in or be prepared to continue to suffer the consequences.

What an interesting article. Let's get it straight here; most of the foreign aid is boomerang aid. It can change the lives of the community but it also brings advantage to the donors in one way or another. Aid is not the answer.

If developing our own reasources is the answer, then how can we best do it if there is large scale corruption everywhere?

So what is the answer?

Papua New Guinea is so rich naturally. And with the booming of mining industries and other business there is a large amount of money coming into the country. But where is all the money going?

Our country has been depending mainly on aid from other countries since the beginning. When are we going to be fully independent with all the bulk of resources.

There's no point being proud of all the resources because they are not benefiting the entire population.

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