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19 February 2013


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I like this quote:

“Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.”

― Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays

God bless you, Phil, but gee you'd make a good sorcerer - what is writing but another form of magic?

Thanks Phil - nicely said.

Spirits, religion and superstition are so intertwined in my area in the hinterlands of Finschhafen some people have lost all sense of recognition and can't tell which is which.

Enter money and goodies in the mix and people waste time sitting down and talking about cargo cult all day long.

There are some people in my village who are still waiting for their deliverance on a golden platter from some Christian God or his proxy of sorts from that mountain top yond there.

I shall pray for all of you good men.

Has anyone else noticed that where there is more healthy balance between religion and bisnis, sorcery is less powerful?

Unequal or little business development enlivens sorcery; strong or well established religion will live alongside sorcery.

Where sorcery is powerful there are fewer sorcery related deaths.

A little off subject is that in a mafia controlled neighbourhood, the daily life of citizens was peaceful; all that was necessary was to give to the mafia what was needed.

So it is in a magic-dominated society; give the sorcerer his due and life will go on. Sorcerers will allow you your religion and will have you for the rest of the time.

Sorcerers in the Highlands are the ultimate losers and do not appear to be respected members of their society. Some coastal sorcerers are respected members of their society.

Smooth. Bring it on!

Both have made society sick and it could be a benefit to the world if we eradicate them both.

Tingting tasol.

Good one Phil. Sharp, to the point and no punches pulled.

Religion and sorcery neatly come together in the story of Saul and his seance with the witch of Endor where she summons the spirit of the dead prophet Samuel to tell Saul his future (which is that he's going to die the next day).

I remember having fun asking my religion teacher to explain that.

Also funny is that the evangelicals ask you to believe in their magic (miracles, the Sun standing still, raising the dead etc) but any other kind is evil devil worship (hence such things as burning Haus Tambaran and destroying carvings and condemning ouija boards).

Always struck me as a bit hypocritical.

Expect some flak though.

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