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16 February 2013


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To the champions in Black and Gold, the coach and the management, you know very well how passionate we are when it comes to Rugby League.

For other countries it may be just another game but, for PNG, it is our pride and image.

We are with you boys!

I think that our boys just need to be given ample opportunity to prove themselves in the Super League or NRL.

We may have had minor issues with our attitude in the past but we now have a new breed of players coming up who are more focused and determined to succeed.

Our players have the potential and natural talent which needs to be developed and I commend the continuing commitment and tireless efforts of people like Adrian Lam (current Kumuls coach) and players such as Paul Aiton himself.

To Adrian Lam, Paul Ayton, Neville Costigan, David Mead (and others in that category) I'd like to say that it may seem pointless and a waste of effort and energy at this point in time but I'd like to tell you that your efforts will definitely pay in the long run.

You guys will be remembered long after you are gone for helping build the foundations for one of the strongest teams in world rugby league...and this is not just one man’s’s a nations dream.

Thank you and good luck in this year’s (2013) world cup. I will be watching every Kumul's game that comes on TV and running around and grimacing in front of my TV as if I was actually on the field with the boys in red, black and gold.

We know that Aiton and his PNG rugby talents will make your nation proud this year. You guys played very well in the last RLWC.

Yes, if Gene had made it i know there is a passage that next Genes can make it through.

We have some undiscovered talent that, I believe, will be shown to the world in full potential this year.

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