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28 February 2013


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Marketing is also a big problem.

The Divine Word Unversity journal will stop the expensive process of printing hard copies because of the lack of readership caused by poor marketing.

This year the journal will be published online.

Hi Bob, there may be some linkage SWEP can make with the National Arts Centre or Faculty of Creative Arts, who launched a journal last year.

Whether our objectives are aligned or not, I'm not sure, but perhaps we could get Russell Soaba's comment.

Phil - Your thoughts and mine are in parallel on this. Just this week I've been thinking about a PNG literary journal of some kind.

I'm working up a proposal right now which I was planning to bounce off you and Kieth when I had it sorted.

Your blog post this morning prompts me to go public a little early, but that's okay. At this point I just want to flag that I'm in the same paddock as you.

Your comments are appropriate and a little scary, but they're also a challenge I want to tackle.

I'll be in touch.

About bungs - I hope to do Goroka and Kundiawa next and later in the year, other centres where there are writers. I haven't made any firm dates yet.

I'll be very interested to hear your thoughts on a PNG literary journal when you're ready to launch them on a now suspecting world, Bob - KJ

Phil, I appreciate your timely call very much. My participation, in whatever way, is a certainty. Poetry, to me, is an obsession or it is nothing at all.

Hello Father - I will pop around a little later today to start working on getting Francis Nii's book online.

In regards to what you have mentioned in this post, perhaps online educational platforms could be a resource which the Society of Writers, Editors and Publishers could explore in an effort to link geographically dislocated persons.

I use Moodle for all of my study through the University of New England and I believe a license can be purchased or leased, this particular platform gives the options of instant chat rooms, webinars, video posts, comments etc and all in a controlled environment.

Thinking of this a little deeper, perhaps it could be an addition to the Crocodile Prize, PNG Attitude or societies' own websites / blogs with unique logins for registered writers?

Lots of possiblities and, you never know, we may, with the help of a certain PNG Attitude administrator, be able to look at funding opportunities to get it up and running?

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