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14 February 2013


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Hi Keith, I'm back on the internet now so please keep in touch. What is the latest with the PNG SWEP?

SWEP is in hibernation for a while. A joint PNG-Australia Crocodile Prize organising Group (COG) has taken over the running of the contest and its many associated activities. Stay in touch with PNG Attitude and you'll be kept informed - KJ

Yes, KJ for our PNG'an readers, book buyers and distributors they can look out for the book titled: Woman of Integrity my Autobiograpy about how God raised me in the wilderness for 20 years at the University bookshop, PAU, Christian Bookshop but they can contact me as the Author directly to place their orders.....And, my E-mail address is: so they can get in touch with me this way or they can call me on my cell phone: (675) 72781597 and office number at NBC-Radio is: 3255233 Ext: 216
Or you can connect with me on my facebook on, do a search on goggle under: Veronica Temai Marme Author's Facebook Account and you will find me there.
Thank you so much.
My Motto for PNG'ans, Friends and Families:
Let's promote PNG'an Authors and Writers........Keep the literary world ALIVE!!!!!

Thank you so much KJ for your offer to do a book review on my book and to keep your readers informed. I completed all the stages of Post-Production and its going through the Publishing Process now. As I just signed the Contract for Publishing on-line three weeks ago. I got a Production team assigned to my Book Project as my Publishing Consultant advised me two weeks ago. Its very exciting to get my first book self-published because KJ as an Author I'am in total control of the whole Publishing and Marketing processes compared to the traditional Publishers. KJ you don't mind helping me to pass the word around to some of the bookshop owners you know in Australia to order some copies? I would love to see some hard copies on the shelves of Bookshops in Australia. Because a Chapter of my book is about my Life in Australia and being fostered by a Whitewoman who is an English Anthropologist who was a Professor at the University of Queensland Anthropology Department at the time. Her name is aunty Drikore Joan Johnstone. She is currently living in Gosford, North Sydney. I don't know now if she knows that the book is coming out shortly hopefully in June and or July, 2013 this year. Its about 300 pages, paperback with full colour Front and Back Cover Pages. You can order a copy or copies from these on-line bookshops:, BARNES &, Ingram Book Company, BAKER TAYLOR,, alibris,, BOOKS.A.MILLION, Powell's Books, CIPA, SPAN and ibpa.

My Author's website would be:

For our PNG'an readers, friends, wantoks, book buyers and distributors Russell Soaba from the University of PNG, Language & Literature Dept. (who was my former Lecturer who knows me as a student quiet well) offered to do the Book Review here. Thank you and we will definitely keep in touch. Thank you very much KJ for allowing me to share on your Blog. Powerful........

Hi Keith, thank you for your blog 'PNG Attitude'. It's great as we can share important issues about PNG here.

Yes, I met Bob Cleland recently during the SWEP meeting. I'm really pleased to see such a Writers, Editors and Publishers society existing and emerging.

I'm really blessed as I'm one of the passionate writers. I just completed my very first book, manuscript and send it away for publishing on-line for self-publishing.

And, it should be out in the next three months time and I would really appreciate if you can help me sell the copies of the book.

It will be distributed on on-line. It's titled: 'Woman of Integrity' and it's really about how God raised me in the wilderness for 20 years before He (God) released my ministry called 'The Great Move of God in PNG Office'.

It's my autobiography, analying myself and knowing who I really am and knowing God's Will and Purpose upon my life. Its going to be a powerful book and I wrote this book for these 3 reasons:

1. To raise funds to build the church and Ministry.

2. As a powerful Evangelism Tool.

3. As my testimony to allow people to know God's Will and Purpose upon their own lives.

Thank you and cheers. This is my first time to read your blog. Keep up the good work and God bless you all.

Keep us informed about the book's progress, Veronica. We'll be happy to review it and let our readers know more about it at the appropriate time - KJ

And it was a pleasure meeting you Bob.

Yes, we had a wonderful meeting last weekend.

All of us who attended agreed to continue to hold a writers' 'bung' every fortnight.

Our next meeting will come up by the end of this month.
The SWEP Committee will advise of the venue and time of the 'bung'.

Those who are interested should come along with their writings for discussion, etc.

Bob, I'm glad to hear that this meeting went well.

It's unfortunate that some of us could not make it.

Would SWEP send us a members list and locations so that we can all know who and where we are?

It may be possible for other centres to arrange their own writer's groups starting with a few members already there.

Also, I hope we can hear some highlights of the discussion sooner.

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