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25 February 2013


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Fly in, fly out, huff and puff it may well be - and I know nothing of what happened at Mt Kare - but I do have andecdotal evidence (from land owners, planters and the general populace) of what went on regarding Bougainville.

I found the article covered many important aspects; so more power to the Huffington Post in getting involved and creating what could be slightly flawed but otherwise very important awareness of many of the issues.

The author’s credibility would appear to be somewhat flawed, as her story appears to have been based upon anecdotal rather than factual accounts.

The reader’s first attention is pivoted upon her opening statement relating to the events surrounding the Mt Kare goldmine.

The information portrayed in her introduction to the essay is in strong contrast to the facts contained in Andy Flower’s book “Mt Kare”.

Andy Flower’s book on Mt Kare was well researched and very definitive in content and should perhaps be utilised as a bible by would be miners who are considering how to do business in PNG.

Andy Flower in his recounts of the events at Mt Kare when a group of young mercenary thugs attacked the company’s HQ make no mention of the assailants alleged brutal treatment of the company staff concerned as reported by Celine Rouzet in her article.

In fact, his accounts indicate that the staff concerned were treated fairly being only locked up and only the helicopter based there was burnt.

I think the mercenaries involved are still awaiting their payment for services rendered, as they were not local to the area.

As such the author appears to have based her story on a quick on a fly in fly out visit to Port Moresby which is a shame considering her obvious literary ability which leads to reader to surmise that the article is nothing more than a bit of huff and puff.

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