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25 February 2013


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Yeah, now we're talking. That's it China, influence PNG to become more independent in military issues.

I mean, with the current war between North Korea and the US, we need to defend ourselves. Thumbs up to China.

The current rise of China can lead to a 3rd world war between the superpowers. Therefore it’s good that we build our military to guard our borders.

This is also an opportunity for the dropouts in Grade 12 or from other institutions to join the PNG Defence Force.

PNG needs to militarise its border with Indonesia, guard its air space and patrol its waters.

To do that we need more manpower and more military hardware. That is logical.

The power game is public knowledge.

The challenge now is to find out hidden motives and secret information passed on from one party to another.

That will be more interesting to read.

Wish I had the capability to do that.

Yes, that's the manifestation of clear competition for influence in the Pacific region by the superpowers.

The US decided to base its marines in Darwin, Australia, so now it's China's turn to gain a foothold in the Pacific.

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