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02 February 2013


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Defence engagements with other countries whether in East, West, North or South is healthy for the reason that we foster cordial relations, cultivate and promote friendship, trust and understanding with everyone.

Like a person, we must socialize with our global community of friends in all fronts so that we promote people to people understanding to make the world more peaceful than isolating ourselves, creating mistrust and disharmony.

No man is an island. Lets let go those cold war vendetta.PNG has to maturely pursue its national interest and grow as nation like everyone else.

I do not see any evident threats or disadvantages arising from Papua New Guinea's military bond with China.

Because Papua New Guinea and China have been maintaining a cordial relationship through out the years by economic, political and social means, working together to strengthen military ties would be very beneficial because we depend on each other.

As stated by Julia Gillard in the White Paper, we are in the Asian Century. Some people might not like the idea but it is the trend now so we can either adapt to the status quo or be isolated.

I would like to see more and better corporations with other neighbouring countries so that we as the Asia-Pacific region can maintain a stable and peaceful environment.

Nice comment by Barbara.

Let us not forget that we are in the 'Asian Century' according to Prime Minister Gillard.

Thus, it is fitting for PNG to test the waters and see how it can benefit from China in terms of Security and Defence.

I am very proud of Dr. Fabian Pok, one of the many distinguised graduates of Keravat National High School in 1980.

Fabian went on to study at the University of New England in the field of accounting and is well qualified.

I know one of the leaders in the PNG Defence Force has recently done further studies in China and is now back in PNG taking on an important role.

It is good to see a PNG Defence Minister who has the confidence to meet with Chinese leaders for "an extensive and in-depth exchange of views".

Australia has to acknowledge that PNG has "come of age"!

Very interesting report from Zhang Xin of the People’s Daily. I wonder what Washington, Jakarta, Canberra, Tokyo and even Paris (they still have New Caledonia) think of this?

I doubt if Richard Marles would have time to respond, too busy now trying to retain his seat.

Maybe Julie Bishop, as Shadow Foreign Minister, may respond.

I didn't see any coverage of this in today's "Australian".

Am just wondering what the Taiwanese will say to this especially when the new PNG Defence Minister was named as a key figure in a diplomatic 'arrangement' with them not too long ago.

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