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14 February 2013


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Yuambari - Except for King Saul and the witch of Endor (I Samuel 28).

Thou shall not suffer a witch to live (Exodus 22:18).

We are a Christian country after all, aren't we?

Joe - I think you have a good point. Drive-by shootings and murders seem to happen every day in the main cities of Australia. A man was decapitated in western Sydney this morning after being bashed with a brick.

It seems a hint of 'sorcery' and a mention of the location of PNG sets the western media off into a frenzy, whilst everyday murders at home are far less reported.

Australia's 'sanguma killings' are gang warfare driven by drugs and revenge and power struggles. They even idolise this in such TV series' as Underbelly. And look at the epidemic of mass shootings in the US where they can't even legislate against the legality of military assault weapons and seem to think it is everyone's right and duty to have weapons capable of killing 100 people in a few seconds.

Horrific although all such incidents are, aren't the western media being a bit hypocritical?

Not all Papua New Guineans practice sanguma and black magic but many articles, especially by whites, paint all PNGians like that.

And that is unfair. Only a few people practice sanguma and black magic.

Torturing and burning live of suspects tells the nation and the world that people want no more sangumas and black magic. They want a pure population.

If sorcery practices were common in PNG cultures there wouldn't be any countereaction like you see, hear and read. People are against the practice.

Its about time the PNG government reviewed the laws governing these practices.

The police are incapable of protecting suspected witches, who have to endure 'trials' not unsimilar to the witchcraft trials of Europe in the middle ages, only more brutal.

Even the educated and so called elites believe strongly in black magic and sanguma so the hapless suspect is isolated even abandoned by her own relatives who fear her 'evil powers'.

What would it take if even a former PM has been quite openly referred to as the head of the sangumas.

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