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28 February 2013


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I live Port Moresby and the number of beggars has increased. Seriously, it is annoying and I hate beggars begging when I'm in town.

Using God's name for no good reason to make money is bullshit and a shameful thing to do.

I as the preacher preaching and you as the God-fearing multitude helps me with a toea without knowing that I was actually using God's name to beg for money - shameful and annoying.

And how would you feel later on if you heard from somebody else about the real reason for this preaching?

What are they trying to prove? As a proud Papua New Guinean I don't want to see PNG ending up like that in the future.

Seriously, no offense everyone but I for one dont like the idea of street preaching. It's more like they are using the word of God to make money for themselves and we can considered them as beggars.

For instance, if they want to save the unsaved souls then the God's word should be free because refering to the bible the disciples didnt try to make monkey by preaching the goodness, they did it for free.

It is also stated in the bible that everyone has to work hard to earn their living. Instead of using the Lord's name to rob others.

Someone has stated that if you want to be a millionare overnight, all you have to do is come to Papua New Guinea and preach the gospels.

That indicates that since we are a Christian country, as long as someone is preaching the gospel, we accept them without questions. It might be better if we started criticizing things before doing something.

In POM, some Churches are great noise-makers.

If noise-making is a sin I am pretty sure churches will not see the light of heaven - not even a glimpse.

It is as if we've not heard enough of noise from drunkards shouting, gunshots,and etc.

Drunkards, and churches are noise-makers...they are in the same group unfortunately.

Sil and Michael, There's plenty of this stuff around (some a lot worse), but see what you think of this as an example.

The Filipino missionaries are proud to boast of their AoG 'indoctrination' classes. And note their 'enemies' are the Lutherans.

I reckon Ole Martin would be turning in his grave.

Jesus, I think you've got some 'splainin to do.

Actually David I believe at that time Paul was almost the equivalent of a PhD holder. It's partly the reason God chose him to take the Good News to the Gentiles.

I have comments to make. About noise pollution, the Christians should be considerate, lest their actions grieve their neighbours.

In terms of preaching, I'd rather be happy that my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is being preached to every creature & in every street corner.

Despite the preachers' motives, the big thing to me, I say again, is that Christ Jesus is being preached. No wonder the Apostle Paul said in Philippians 1:13-8,

“As a result, it has become clear to the whole imperial guard and to everyone else that I am in prison because of Christ.

"Moreover, because of my imprisonment ,most of the brothers have been made confident in the Lord to speak God's word more boldly and courageously than ever before.

"Some are preaching Christ because of their envy and rivalry, while others do so because of their goodwill. The latter are motivated by love, because they know that I have been appointed for the defence of the gospel.

"The former proclaim Christ out of selfish ambition and without sincerity, thinking that they will stir up trouble for me during my imprisonment. But what does it matter? Just this, that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is being proclaimed, and because of this I rejoice. Yes, I will continue to rejoice…”

Further, the Apostle Peter was not a PhD holder and yet God saw fit to use him mighty.

Yes, some failures may resort to preaching out of bad motives but not all. We should be careful as to what we say because some of them are genuine servants of God.

The judgment part of it belongs to God alone! Lest we judge others and be judged ourselves.

Kela, I share your sentiments exactly and to me you've expressed the issues here perfectly.

After being woken up every Sunday at 3 am I finally cracked and put a mumu stone on the roof of the 'church' next door.

They not only had speakers but a public address system, so it was as if someone had stepped into your bedroom every morning.

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