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23 February 2013


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New photo too. Nice.

So what's new about this - started about 1972 and hasn't changed much.

I think you've just moved to the left Keith.

I had to give some substance to Fowkey's continual chiding about my position on the spectrum - KJ

Agreed. We are embarrassing in our nanny-like tut-tutting over Fiji's government, our clinging to colonial control of PNG through PNGSDF, and our ignorance of everywhere else.

Engagement with the Pacific Islands nations is essential. Let's hope the other mob can do a better job than when Howard was in.

Did you change the sidebar Keith, or am I becoming dyslexic is my old age?

I had a rush of blood to the head and swapped the columns around. A change is as good as a holiday and all that - KJ

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