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22 February 2013


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I always thought the world was a very happy place to live in so as PNG a paradise and looks promising.

However it is the land of the unexpected. The country's backbone is so ill mannered, the power of the people is used against them.

I sob silently in the dark corner of my house in the compounds as I ponder on their acts. My eyes swell as I watch their tongues twist cunningly on EMTV.

So when day dawns I have doubts and yes its the "and then" and it never comes till I became a victim myself. True is the poem.

Thanks Ganjiki, a great poem.

You have included many of the injustices that have taken place in PNG over the past few years.

But there has to be a Day of Reckoning, a time for the guilty to atone for their sins. They need to repent from their foolish ways and feel sorry for what they have done.

A good example of that has taken place in the NSW ICAC over the past few weeks. Corruption that occurred over the past few years in the NSW government has been exposed.

People are no longer going to get millions of dollars from corrupt practices.
New rules will be set in place to guard against these sorts of things happening in the future.

The "Justice League" has to be given the tools to prosecute and punish the criminals.

Up to you! But I still recommend an ICAC.

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