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26 February 2013


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For this article, I have some questions and comments.


1. Will this progressive linkage or union be one for the whole of PNG or one for each LLG in each province?

2. If participants in this union are not in the vicinity of the LLG, how is regular communication between them and community or asples going to be maintained if there is no phone line, vsat or radio link?


1. The suggestion of voted funds and accrued school-fee payments to be generally administered and operated by headmasters has not gone to my 'yes vote.'

When it comes to direct contact with money, it is quite a challenge for the Melanesian, even the lotu ones. I do not have yet in mind who really should be responsible here but when I do read your draft, I believe I will have some idea.

2. Although I plan to read your draft and comment, I must point out the refresher mentioned in paragraphs 21 and 22, for the sake of the readers.

I strongly agree with re-orientation course for all public servants at a senior level including medical and fitness exams and appropriate aerobic exercise regime each morning.

Our lifestyle has changed a lot from the 70s and therefore workplace habits too must have corrective measures for the lifestyle acquired.

3. The above article has 25 paragraphs (correct me sapos mi karangi). Plenty of reading to fully grasp your idea. I was thinking a flow diagram might assist?

On the whole, I hear you. Your plan sounds like a workable idea. I would like to read the draft for a start so will be contacting you soon.

Tenk yu stret for all the informative articles to date.

I have read the articles John and I for one can see a lot of sense and agree with what this system envisions.

Ideally it would seem this would have been the best vehicle for development post independence (with PNG's largely illiterate population).

The system targets the 'root' cause of the many misdemeanors affecting our ruling cliques and dilutes the political ignorance persisting among the voting masses.

The 'inconclusive' national population census records (2010-2011) revealed the national literacy rate at 80%.

The current government's resurrection of the universal free education policy is the authorities's response to this 'prison wall'.

The party system of westminster democracy our founding pillars have adopted on 'colonial bidding' works well where you have a vibrant educated middle class who are willing to work for and harangue the elite 2% economic powers for better pay and privileges etc.

Unless we can educate 80% of the population in the next five years, vision 2050 will become the golden fleece of dreams.

What John is suggesting is a system that can work, is practicable, holds the MP more responsible to his voters and can actually work in translating people's hope and aspirations at the grass roots level into ownership of impact projects and development in their communities.

I recommend everyone to have a read and work out what the article begs of.

A more responsible system, the empowerment of the LLGs is an effective system of government which has been hijacked and sidelined by the white elephant-the provincial governments.

As it is, the local MPS are little emperors who use the DSIP funds at their behest and we have come to accept that as the norm. Complacency born of ignorance doesnt get us anywhere.

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