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26 January 2013


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I like these stories very much. Thanks for sharing Keith.

Good yarn Keith, brings back some good memories of my short tenure in the Simbu and that old favourite drinking hole, the Kundiawa club.

My initiation into that club was when temporarily posted to the Chimbu late 1968 one late afternoon I wandered down to that club for a bit of conviviality.

During that evening I met the ADC from Kerowagi who must have liked the cut of my jib and always on the lookout for extra staff then spoke to the DC and without any consultation arranged for my immediate transfer to Kerowagi.

As the midnight closing hour approached I was thus then shanghaied and found myself in a very inebriated condition en route to Kerowagi.

One of the most memorable memories was spending ANZAC day at that same club in 1969 where good fortune struck and on company with another Simbu veteran, Lyle Hansen I had a substantial win on the Crown and Anchor table.

As anyone who knew Lyle would know, Lyle was a dyed-in-the-wool gambler who always had the winning streak and had a favourite party trick of placing his hand over the centre of a dart board and inviting patrons with the enticement of perhaps wining $5 for every dart that found its mark between his splayed fingers and $5 to him for those that missed the mark.

He was perhaps very lucky that he did not run into a sadistic type who bore him a grudge as most punters in their hesitation always missed their mark.

Regarding "drinking story No2"

Jackie Chan couldn't have scripted and directed such a shambolic bar-room fight scene in any of his movies. It was a classic in all senses of the word.

Keith 'Jacko' Jackson forgets to mention that the gentleman 'reprobate' in question was a former representative Rugby League front-row forward and that the stiches later administered by our Dr friend Tim Murrell, were without the use of local anaesthetic.

After 49 years I still bear a scar under my eyebrow to remind me of the day I staunchly defending good journalism or was that - a good jounalist!

Needless to say I am happy to report that my long time mate Jacko has modified his biting use of of the English language - apparently!

My first impression of the Chimbu was indeed my last impression. I was posted there as District Clerk in 1971 by Bill Weisse who i believe wanted me out of harm's way in Moresby.

I had my Torana shipped to Lae to be transported to Kundiawa. I spent my first night at the "Chimbu Lodge", the next day doing the milk run to Kerowagi, Gumine and Chuave as I recall, and my final night at my permanent accommodation with the local didiman.

That was enough of the Highlands for me so i called up Bill and told him to get my car on the first available boat back to Moresby as I was heading back to the coast.

At least i got to see some nice scenery but that was not what i was interested in at the time.

Gutpela liklik stori. Pasin no senis liklik. Olsen yet. Drink like whiteman, spak olsen kanaka.

Tasol mi no save long ol yupela hapkas. Ating ol lain bilong statim pait nating. Tenkyu KJ.

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