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17 January 2013


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When I was living with my parents in nearby Devonport, we used to visit the Holloways at 'Armistead' where we learned of Barry's life.

As my dad Eric Sims was in New Guinea in the RAAF in WWII, Barry was interested to meet up when he returned to Tasmania.

On one of these trips (date unknown, but could be 1960's/1970's?) Barry brought with him a Highland headman (Ono, I think was his name?) and I was very impressed with this contact and with Barry's life.

Being a historian I would like to learn more about Barry's work and also his Blyth family connections.

Perhaps someone may recall the exact name of Ono and a date when they came to Tasmania. There would have been some reports in the local newspapers at the time and I will attempt to track these down.

I plan to attend the Kimberley Memorial Service on Saturday and there may be an opportunity to meet the family and pay my personal condolences.

Barry was a chilhood playmate at Armitstead and Robinswood in Kimberley.

Some of my happiest memories are of holidays spent with Barry, his sister Pixie and their parents in the late 1930's and 1940's.

Then we went our very different ways and seldom met in the next 65 years.

Barry's passion for PNG and its people and his important contribution to the country will be long remembered.

He gave over 60 years of his life to PNG, and it could be said that the stress of standing for election once again he overloaded what had always been a strong body.

It could be said that he died for his beloved country.

Rest in peace at last, dear Barry. Your toil is over now.

Sir Barry Holloway’s funeral will be held at his birthplace in the town of Kimberley, not far from Devonport in northern Tasmania, and he will be buried beside his mother and father.

The ceremony will be held at 1pm on Australia Day, Saturday 26 January. Moi Avi will read the eulogy. Any contributions to the eulogy are most welcome by sending them to Arthur Smedley at Michael Somare says he will be there.

The family and Arthur are trying to arrange nearby discounted accommodation and a bus from the main accommodation venue to Kimberley. Arthur is very happy to provide information on the ceremony and logistics.

Sorry tru Papa Olowei.

We have many Bigmen in Eastern Highlands and you were the only Greatman.

We both spent sometime before and during the 2012 election talking about policies and other things. I will treasure them.

May you rest well!

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