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15 January 2013


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Hello Brother Pat - My name is Lillian Sariman. I was known as Lillian Aihi when I was one of your student at Passam National High School in 1981 & 1982.

I currently live and work as a care worker with Ozcare in far north Queensland in Townsville.

A group of us are deciding on having a reunion to raise funds for the school (PNHS). We were wondering about your whereabouts and I have been given the duty to try and get in touch with you.

If possible I would love to meet up with you and maybe make a video of you that I can present at the reunion! I am willing to travel down to Brisbane if I have to, to meet up with you!

I will honoured to meet up with you. You are an inspiration to alot of us and have signaficantly touched our lives!

Thankyou for taking time to read this and hope to hear from you soon.

Hello - On behalf of the ex students of Passam National Secondary high school, I Lillian Aihi would like to invite Brother Patrick Howley to our school reunion to be held in Port Moresby early this year!

I will update him of the dates and venue if he is able to attend!

Tony Deklin wants to contact Pat Howley. Can anyone tell me how to contact him and I can pass it onto Tony on Facebook. Thanks.

I would also like to contact Brother Patrick, as he was my Headmaster at St. Xavier's High School on Kairiru Island. I am so glad he is still with us and working hard for the Papua New Guinean people as he always did.
I would love to hear from him, as I have missed Kairiru every day for 40 years. I do hope he will have time to email me a note.

For the record, the Constitutional and Law Reform Comission has done research into this area, in terms of a framework for alcohol and drug policy for PNG.

It plans to publish an information paper on the issue. It might be a good idea to get in touch with the office on phone 3252862/2840 or write to the Secretary for the Commission at P o box 3439 boroko, fax 3252862.

I would like to contact Brother Pat; to me a former mentor, Passam headmaster, teacher extraordinaire and namesake of a Northern Territory railway station.

Greetings and warm regards.

Perhaps Brother Pat could approach Francis Nii (Administrative Officer, Simbu Children Foundation and permanent resident at Kundiawa Hospital) for stories relative to alcohol abuse.

SP Annual Report is at

Thanks Warwick - KJ

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