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02 January 2013


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PNG politics is weird in the sense that some political players do not remain enemies for long. They quickly kiss and make up.

Consensus is the key principle in Melanesian philosophy.

Francis, I think Somare and his son, Arthur (the former politician) were pushed to a corner where they had no choice but to be in the same camp of whichever party or coalition that formed the government.

Had Namah became the Prime Minister in the last election chances were high that Somare will join him. I am reluctant here to give the reason why he will join any government but I think you all know.

From another point of view in connection with the piece by Sil Bolkin about Namah's knowledge of PNG politics. Namah knows each and every player well.

There maybe another reason apart from Sepik politics.

Great analysis here ... although Sir Michael is now sharing bed with Mr O'Neill; don't ever think nothing is going on in the mind of the Master Tactician. A future Somare/Namah government is a possiblity. Sir Michael may rise when he finds an opening to exploit. And PNG parliament is known for this.

It was not that long ago that Peter O’Neill was thinking about joining Michael Somare in a government of national unity.

Fortunately, the Office of Opposition Leader and an Opposition was allowed to continue in the PNG Parliament. Yet the notion of a Westminster Parliamentary system often seems to remain a real problem for PNG when the ongoing debate of conflicting ideals and polices remain at odds with traditional Melanesian culture where social harmony is the sought for objective.

Sometimes it seems like there is a real question about whether a future PNG Parliament will adopt a more Melanesian approach to policy making and the longed for harmony of village life or whether PNG society will change and demand more Western approach to political accountability?

You are a Gem.

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