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15 January 2013


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Who is Stephen Howes?

Has he been to Western Provinces from the mine site down to the Fly River delta and seen the "free to pollute" pollution that OTML has caused and continue to cause over the last 20 years.

Nice to sit behind a desk in the Australian Capital Territory at a university and become an expert on PNG.

PNG has had enough of Ross, OTML and PNGSDP's crony management and board and Ian Middleton.

Even the governor of Western Province is a dear friend of PNGSDP and OTDF as he himself was a former employee of PNGSDP.

Kevin, Well boyo, tell me about the "human rights" you are on about in the NT. It's in my backyard these days.

Erin Go Bragh.

I must admit that, over the years, I have found Ross Garnaut to be a rather arrogant fellow who thinks he knows a lot about everything. I guess he does know a lot but his arrogance is off-putting.

I can see why O'Neill has become sick of him. But his offending comments were probably a reminder of the way corrupt members of the PNG parliament and public service have, in the past, used PNG wealth for their own use.

I hope the PNG government will ensure that a wise and capable person is put in charge of the Sustainable Development Fund and that the money is used in a wise way to help the huge problems facing the people downstream from the Ok Tedi mine.

BHP caused a lot of pollution. The tailings have poisoned the waters. Traditional ways of life have been disrupted. Lessons should have been learned.

Please, PNG, put people and their welfare before money and profits.

This gentleman is out of his depth on this subject and from the safety of Australia also wishes to chime in with his ten cents worth.

Visit the mine this evil consortium set up and then support the good professor.

PNG needs neither of them and even Richard Marles has got this one right.

Mr Howes, visit your aboriginal communities in the northern territory before you even dare mention "human rights". Keep your puerile comments in Australia.

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