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20 January 2013


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Thank God for our MP Honourable Rimbink Pato. People of Wapenamanda have been waiting for such person like him. Thank the Lord once again.

Great piece there. Yes , when looking back, I sometimes cry and my heart breaks.

Despite millions of kina being pumped into the district from the national and provincial government for the last 10 years there is no single effect being felt by people in the district.

The people out there in the far remotest places like Anjins and Taikins, Penals and Walups, Palinaus and Waibaus who do not exposed to any basic services like health and education.

In those places people just like us are dying of communicable diseases every now and then and their children do not access to any basic education.

The roads are in very critical condition as it has never been maintained in the last ten years or so.

As a result, coffee and food resourceful land of Lower Lai, Minamb, Upper Lai and Tsak valley have been stripped off from the rest of the district and the province.

Coffee and the food production have dropped for years. Moreover, the government properties in the district are in traumatic condition.

All the governments run schools and hospitals have all fallen off like a rotten branch.

The district police station, district courts, DPI and the district administration office, as mentioned by Joe, were once the effective government bodies have been crippled and ceased functioning.

Only the district courts has been transferred to Wabag Town while others are in no existence. These serious problems need urgent action from government authorities but yet it has been neglected for years.

If we do not have all these basic elements a district has, why calling it a district? Call it a sub-district of Wabag or Kompiam.

I call on the current MP, Rimbink Pato to make some differences in terms of service delivery and reinstate the ceased district bodies with the help of the national and provincial government.

Cease playing politics and start following the foot steps set by Sir Pato Kakaraya. I think K10m for the district plus other funding can make greater changes in the district.

The long suffering people of Wapenamanda will see light at the end of the tunnel.

Teckla, its really true the electorate has been neglected for the last ten years. All basic infrastructure services established by Sir Pato Kakaraya and Masket Iangalio have been deteriorating.

Thank God for the new MP Rimbink Pato whom we believe will deliver to the long suffering people of Wapenamnda. Our hopes are with this man.

That's really true Joe. Our hopes and aspirations are with this man. And this is the place that he was longing to be for the last 15 years.

I believe he will deliver to the people of Wapenamanda as promised during his visits after the victory.

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