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29 January 2013


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It is a big tragedy that the Melanesian People are threatened with extinction by neocolonialism (and ongoing Indonesian colonialism in favour of the West´s greed for resources).

More attention from the side of Africa and the African dDiaspora is needed. I try my little part within the networks I´m participating in to contribute a little to that necessary process.

Thanks for publishing from that article!

A PNG schoolmate and I had dinner with an Australian colleague last night. Among other things we discussed what we'd be doing in project work that would benefit ordinary village people in PNG.

One comment our Aussie friend made struck me, and I paraphrase what he said that 'most Australians don't know or even care about the struggles going in PNG, they know about Kokoda, but that's about it.

'Only people like myself who have been there appreciate what's happening and what we can do to help. Trying to convince government can be very frustrating.'

He strongly urged my colleague and I to remember our objective to return to PNG with knowledge that can help to improve things.

He said we should keep the needs of our country foremost when developing our proposals, so that we cater to PNG needs.

Thank you Andreas for the insight into the history of the other half of our island home.

On PNG's side of the border perhaps we're too busy bickering and bitching amongst ourselves to even notice the kind of role we have to play in this region.

If we don't get our collective act together and become the economic powerhouse and political leader for the South Pacific, who will do it?

Actually Vanuatu has supplied the strong voice calling for West Papuan self determination for many years.

But, contrary to what the article says, Vanuatu has actually recently stepped back from its support of West Papua because of the Sato Kilman-led government's cosying up to Indonesia.

It's something that ni-Vanuatu are not happy about but this government has repeatedly shown itself to be a law unto itself.

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