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08 January 2013


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Sharlene - Australia is dumping them on Manus and Nauru because if they manage to land on Australian soil they are entitled to certain legal rights and protections which don't apply offshore.

And Australia has conveniently redefined 'Australian territory' to get around UN obligations.

First the Howard government excised Christmas Island and a few surrounding territories from the migration zone.

And In October last year the Gillard Government excised all of the Australian mainland from the legitimate migration zone, where refugees had certain rights and privileges.

So now Australia is not Australia.

It's a blatant ruse to cop-out from international obligations dating from the Howard/Downer era and made worse by Gillard.

It is shameful.

I support Mr Namah. Anyone from other nationality when trying to enter into another country, must possess the legal documents required by that country. You can not just waltz in and expert some kind of special treatment.

Australia has all the resources and infastructure to cater for all these asylum seekers. Why are they dumping them in PNG?

They could set a camp somewhere in the desert to look after them. PNG can barely provide basic health and education to its own people. How can it cope with this sudden influx of asylum seekers into the country.

Climate change is a major treat to the small islands of PNG. With the rising sea level, some of them would soon be under water. What would happen if Manus went underwater. Where would they go.

Obviously Australia wants nothing to do with them. What then? The PNG government needs to rethink this treaty.

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