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08 January 2013


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I was never one of those who care about the contemporary cultures of PNG. Now studying PNG Studies at Divine Word University I came to realise its importance.

By knowing and letting others know your contemporary cultures may help them to better understand you as an individual in your own right.

Personally it will be a pride to tell others of your culture.

Later generations will also know from us if we maintain it now so that we all may know how we came to be where we are now in a cultural perspective.

When others know our culture they may understand how we dwell and may help in what ever ways they think is possible to help some problem we faced today which are associated with our cultures.

I strongly support the article, Let not PNG’s contemporary culture slip away from us.

I agree with the writer. Learning and knowing about history, cultures, traditions and all this is something I am usually interested in.

It's fascinating trying to understand how the people lived in the past, or why and how we are doing things the way we do today. We will only understand this if we understand and know our culture.

I can remember when I was given research to do and it was to find out the origin of my people; where they came from, why they chose the site that we are living in today and all this.

When I saw the research question, I was like, is the lecturer serious because I know nothing about the origins of my people.

But since I was a history student, it was my job to find out and I was glad I did it because at least I know a little about my culture.

If we continue to ignore our traditonal norms and beliefs, before long we will lose our identity and it is our identity that is making us unique. And it is something we have to be proud of and fight to preserve.

Look at some of the Asian nations like Japan, even though they are well developed they are keeping their cultures and traditions.

Let us not be influenced by western culture and tend to overlook our culture.

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