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28 January 2013


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Harbour lights sparkling,
Ashes dancing in pink skies;
Over Tatana.


Keith, regarding Luke's haiku; that was written sitting in Scoozi restaurant, on Rundle Street Adelaide.

And for the record the above haiku are more correctly 'kasen no renga'.

Hi Luke, thank you for your comment.

It's always very special to have a new person comment on my poetry.

And you make a keen observation. That is what poetry does too, as in haiku.

This one is for you:

Luke's dream of Touaguba Hills

Night dreams of bone dry
Chalky yellow afternoons:
Touaguba Hills

Children are playing
As flames raze the leeward side:
Mosbi memero

I read your poem before drifting off to sleep last night and then I dreamt of a bone dry and chalky yellow afternoon in Moresby, thirty six years ago, when there was a grass fire as I played with childhood friends along one side of Touaguba Hill.

I've been doing a little background reading and actually some of these stanzas are senryu, another Japanese form.

David, I'm glad to share that with you.

Jeff, those mangoes were worth fighting for!

Haiku, which takes only single verses, is challenging to write, but it is such a doable form. It can be relaxing. Check it out on wiki how.

Michael I can smell the grass as they lie dying and covered with fumes from the lawn mower.

And the Kurakum army...I had many an encounter with them on the mango tree infront of the Admin block at UPNG.

Those were the days when I survived on mango and Snax biscuits whilst researching over the holiday period...ehe.

Great job.

Thanks Michael - I learnt something about poetry today.

Thanks Steven. Understandably it does sound like too much reading. But a useful approach is to take each verse on its own.

Haikai no renga is not the same as a sonnet. Here verses are connected by the theme not the structure.

Each verse has its own life, that they reside together is the emotion of the work, this reflects the reality of life.

We have so many experiences and thoughts happening even in the span of one day but what do we feel on the whole? And how do we respond?

Thanks Michael for this. Memories I identify with. Just a bit long-winded for for me though. A lot crammed into the one poem.

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