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11 January 2013


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I agree!

Engage the PNG Defence Force Engineering battalion to reconstruct the highlands highway with specific instructions to clear the 40m corridor of the highway without any compensation.

And don't give the tired, lame old excuse "it's the Melanesian way".

I've seen this used to excuse corruption, abuse and mistreatment over generations.

It's time it stopped. It's time PNG men got over this and stood up for basic human rights and civic honesty.

I am tired of talking about this stupid highway.

Everything is in a mess.

People will try to continue to do what they have been allowed to get away with.

This has been allowed to escalate with greater and greater momentum by our succeeding governments since Independence. We are harvesting the results of our own incompetence.

High level corruption by our leaders is shouted from the hilltops. We know that our leaders are making out like bandits. The roadside villagers want their bit of the action.

Take strong action, throw some in jail; but ensure that they enjoy the company of some high level friends eating the same rice and tin fish.

No housing for public servants? Has everyone forgotten that a relatively enormous stock of housing was sold to themselves, for a song, by our previous leaders? Refurbished K80,000 housing sold for K10-11,000; worth over one mission today. Nice!

Many years ago a friend of mine, a highly competent public servant, was offered his four bedroom, two bathroom house on a very large fenced block in Boroko for K11,000.

With his large family it would be a big step for him. He also felt somewhat guilty that there would be no house available for his future replacement.

I said that it did not seem to worry the pollies and bigmen who organised this specifically for their own benefit; why should it worry him?

This is just another facet of the financial dismemberment of PNG. We have the relatively few feeding at the trough and PNG is staggering on.

This attempt by the masses is really too much; it is affecting our leaders' feeding frenzy.

This is not an excuse for the villagers, but is an attempt to put it into today's reality.

It's a shame! We, including me, complain a lot about non-delivery of services and next to nil improvement in our wretched lives and look what we do to hinder development or stop attempts by successive governments to help us.

All of us Highlanders should be ashamed of ourselves, especially the big-mouth attention seeking leaders and all educated ones, for failing to control our increasingly lazy fellow Highlanders.

Hear hear, absolutely spot on, and until road corridors are reclaimed by authorities "without compensation" the problem is going to keep increasing..... bring in the Gurkhas not G4S.

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