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23 January 2013


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I coached the Kone Tigers in 1972 and 1973 and it breaks my heart to see what has become of a great club.

Thanks Sil. Keep up the good work.

Seriously someone like me can't even put a story together with ink & paper.

You have a great talent, so please cover far & wide on untapped social issues in PNG.

On first reading of this sorry tale, I too was dismayed and disgusted by what I read.

As a former member and longtime supporter of the league club and a player and official with the Kone Tigers basketball club, I was especially saddened.

John Fowke's questions then caused me to reflect a little more deeply and I recalled that, as a patron of the club back in the late '60s and early '70s, I frequently observed drunkenness, drug ingestion (albeit limited to nicotine and marijuana) and lustful and near-licentious behaviour by members and patrons - both expats and Papua New

I can admit, with rightful shame, that I also exhibited such behaviours on occasion.

One also needs to bear in mind that such behaviours are on display most nights of the week In King Street in Melbourne. All that's missing is the public copulation ....

The differences between then and now at the footy club and environs are those of degree, discretion and the acceptable bounds of behaviour which have now moved beyond the limits that we would tolerate in a civilised society.

It is all terribly sad .....

Want to know what happened to the Kone Tigers oval, ask Stanley "Chiko" Haru. I believe he is on Facebook.

What a sad state of affairs. John asks an interesting question: "Was it us that triggered these values?"

This is disgusting. What hope do the PNGians have if this is blatantly permitted and not stopped.

Not sure if I should say thanks for the truth, Sil, but thanks anyhow.

I believe this piece of writing should also be published in our daily newpapers The National and the Post-Courier.

Many people have become too rigid and now everywhere is a sex dan... Even sporting fields are now becoming sex dans with pimps...

I fully agree with Mr Yaegiora... very impressive piece.

Nicely-written indeed. An excellent picture of the opposite end of the social scale in PNG's cities today.

Opposite to that vantage-point occupied by an apparently exploitative and exclusive politically-empowered, wealthy elite.

In an aged dimdim it precipitates thoughts such as - is one to feel despair? resignation? hope? anger?

Those who really can do something about raising this land to a state of comparitive balance and prosperity within 21st century society engage themselves on a war principally of words, and in campaigns such as that to proscribe and prevent chewing of betel-nut in public places.

Was it us dimdim colonials who imparted this scale of values upon PNG? And are these values immutable?

Nicely written piece. Reminds me of my days at UPNG.

The market is a mecca for drug dealers who sell Goilala stuff or marijuana from that part of the country.

Once or twice an addict gets fresh stuff from the Highlands, especially from the Kafe region in Eastern Highlands. Considered the best in the land!

Which is better than the dry Goilala stuff. Dry in the sense that when you smoke a joint it will dry up all the saliva in your mouth and the high feeling is not that great.

With the current economic situation where there is great inequality in wealth distribution, selling sex is a great economic venture.

From my point of view, religious arguments against the legalisation of brothels or rather prostitution will slowly lose its foundation as the country evolves.

Capitalism used religion to establish itself but over time religion has become more of a burden.

As people become more educated and as the environment changes they will view religion as a constraint to their economic potential.

Sil, I hope your next piece will be about the big girls at Boroko Post Office and their little pimps.

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