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21 January 2013


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Everything "smacks of politics" when spoken by a politician...Dreyfus too...his statement that Namah's actions "smacks of politics" also "smacks of politics".

Physician heal thyself...

The challenge is to see beyond the politics. And if there is any substance beyond that, then it's worth something...

Dreyfus - now where have I heard that name before?

And as to Namah's action "smacking of politics" well that's his job! He's a politician. Pollies do politics - can't really blame them for that.

There is no restrictions for Namah and his team to seek constitutionality on this program. If the PNG and Aussie governments acted outside the provisions of the constitutions then the whole program has to be shut down. We must act within the laws.

Regardless of whether Namah or Joe Bloggs raises the issue on behalf of the Opposition, the essence of their argument still remains.

If the arrangement is found to be unconstitutional, then there may be issues with enforcing PNG laws in the event a need for such arises within the asylum camp.

I understand that the Opposition also raised issues about the rights of the asylum seekers to not be held as detainees under the PNG constitution. Be that as it may, the important thing for me is the protection of PNG citizens (Manusians) and their right to seek legal redress if they are wronged by anyone who is a party to this scheme.

There has been zero opposition since the formation of the new government. That is some time ago now. Then out of nowhere we get this.

Mr Namah, is this the best you could do? I'll say leave the asylum seekers and the Manus processing centre alone. Manus people are clever enough to handle their own problems.

Besides, rightly or wrongly, it provides gainful employment and benefits to the local people.

There are heaps more important and tangible issues which you should be getting on the government about if you want to show the Manus people and PNG peole that you are fair dinkum opposition.

For a start try stopping Nautilus and the construction of the deep sea mining at Solwara 1.

Secondly, try stopping all mining waste (tailings)from being dumped to the our ocean and rivers.

And other issues like the fast deteriorating schools and universities, hospitals, roads, airports and seaports. Also you can assist the fight for zero corruption.

You could help round up all those dodgy and corrupt politicians and get them to pay back all the money that they stole from the public or otherwise ask them to sell their Cairns real estate and use the money to fund better schools and hospitals etc.

Let's wait and see what the PNG high court says.

But I can't understand why the local police in Manus couldn't police unruly members of the asylum seekers held there.

Why would anyone residing in PNG not be subjected to PNG laws?

Were there lessons to be learnt from the failed police co-operation package some years back which the PNG courts found unlawful on grounds that the Aussie police secondees in PNG were immune from PNG laws?

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