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26 January 2013


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Great story!

My grandfather was recruited by the allied forces in Finschhafen and sent to Bougainville to help combat the Japanese there. He was in Torokina when the Japanese general surrendered and the war ended.

My grandfather was only one of two children born to my great grandparents with his sibling being a girl. So he had to tell lies that he had other brothers in order to be enlisted to the call. They did have balls!

Seeing that he was the only male child of his sister, his maternal uncle wouldn't let him go alone and had to go with him to try and protect him from the dangers of war using magic.

They both returned home safely after the war. I was fortunate to grow up listening to their war stories and how the uncle would use magic to protect his nephew.

So I am doing research on that and hopefully in the future write something about his life.

Phil, my grandfather joined the force in 1888 and retired in 1988.

He received a Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary medal for 100 years of Community Service. Also another medal for Exemplary Police Service.

He got four medals for his involvement in the war. A Pacific Star, the 1939-1945 Star, the War Medal 1939-1945 and the Australian Service Medal 1939-1945.

Unfortunately, no one wrote his story, not even his sons.

That's a great story.

A great story Phil. Thank you for sharing.

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