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22 January 2013


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I lived in PNG from 1973-75 when my father was at the Department of Finance and worked with Sir Barry and other memorable people.

He later worked for the Asian Development Bank and spent time in not only PNG but other Asian countries.

Mum and Dad attended Sir Barry and Ikini's wedding and my sister and I used to spend time with his sons when they came on the tjet for holidays .

I was saddened to belatedly hear of his passing.

As his first wife and mother of three children, I can attest to the energy and inventiveness, the adaptability and the inspiration of Sir Barry Holloway.

I wish I had been strong enough and good enough to keep up with him, but we remained strong friends till his death, and I never stopped loving him.

What a great story, which in other places and with other kiaps was repeated so many times.

All ranks of kiaps too - from District Commissioners to Cadet Patrol Officers - and done with development of PNG as the incentive and never the thought of personal gain - kudos, yes.

I'd love to see some of the other essays.

Fiddling the books was standard kiap practice. Otherwise nothing would have got done. Treasury and their bean counters were the enemy.

I quite fondly remember applying for funds to build a road that had already been built and using the money to buy a Massey Ferguson 135 and a trailer so I could haul gravel to resurface an airstrip. Later on I applied for funds to resurface the strip.

Another achievement was quietly lifting a defunct pyrethrum factory at night and spiriting it away to become a school building.

I'm sure every successful kiap has similar stories.

This story has the negative word misappropriation used in a good way to benefit the people (build a school).

That should be an example for PNG leaders today.

Rest in Peace Sir Barry Holloway.

This is indeed a great story by the late Sir Barry Holloway. People may live and go but the trace remains.

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