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19 January 2013


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OK Phil and Keith - mea culpa.

I do not support censorship, but Quadrant seems to have it's own 'glorify the colonialists' agenda, and people should be aware of that.

So I just ask readers to peruse it with a critical eye. I meant no denigration of Rob Barclay.

Phil, Maybe Kiaps were or are no different to any group as far as political leanings are concerned. We come from a pluralistic society and therefore, it should be no surprise that we may be pluralistic in preferences.

Whether Kiaps were misfits when they were recruited is a moot point. Most were however fish out of water when they returned to Australia.

Certainly, Quadrant has previously published two of my articles and I thank them for that. I also enjoy reading their articles. Cripes! Does that make me an anglophile etc. I’m ‘dinky die’ and I don’t care who knows it. Who cares anyway?

Peter Ryan has my respect as someone who is both erudite and I enjoy his razor wit when it comes to describing how he sees the world.

I agree with Rossco that people should resist the temptation to try to judge what it was like in an anachronistic way, if they weren’t there and experienced the same circumstances.

Ehya! Ol Wantok. Yu bin sigarapim sampla tok ibin paiap pinisya!

My opinion of Quadrant is similar to yours Peter but I do occasionally read it, especially when there is something about Papua New Guinea in it.

Peter Ryan especially annoys me at times but I like to read his articles.

I was really chuffed when they refused to review my book, 'Bamahuta'. When that happened I knew I was on the right track.

Quadrant attracts a lot of Anglophiles so anything about empire and British mores and values goes down really well.

The extract from Quadrant is part of a larger work by Rob Barclay. In March 2012 they also published an extract by him about kiaps and tribal fighting in the Chimbu. I suspect what he is doing is testing the waters for his longer work.

I thought for a long time that kiaps were inherently right wing but I've modified that view in recent years. Most of them seem to have coddled together their own unique mix of conservatism and liberalism.

The late Jack Baker summed it up nicely when addressing my course at ASOPA in 1967 by telling us we were a bunch if misfits and that was why we had been recruited.

I'll continue to subscribe to Quadrant and Australian Book Review. That way I get a serving from both sides and can make up my own mind.

Peter, you must understand the kiap climate that was occurring here in Australia at the time this article was written and not focus on the medium.

A number of articles were produced by kiaps in a variety of magazines and dailies and interviews on the ABC around Australia.

I had three interviews on various programs, one of which was conducted in Tok Pisin on the overseas service to PNG.

This all culminated in national recognition our work and an exhibition at the National Archives in Canberra.

You cannot ignore or destroy history and First Contact in PNG was an extreme hardship, whatever the reason behind it.

It brought the people forward to today where the descendants of those people are now engaging with the world on equal terms.

I am sure that more than just Quadrant have been taken in over the years.

You only have to look at the apologies section of every newspaper to see how much poor reporting and sub-editing goes on every day.

While this story is an interesting historical anecdote, isn't retelling stories of cannibalism and murder two generations ago denigrating the reputation of current PNG people and their culture?

I'd also not put too much faith in anything published by Quadrant, the right-wing apologists attempting to rewrite the history of white settlement in Australia, and famously scammed by "Sharon Gould" into publishing fictitious nonsense as history.

Windschuttle - editor of Quadrant.

There were no massacres of Aborigines.

There was no 'stolen generation'.

Aborigines have no historic attachment to the land, as they were nomads.

'Native title' to Australian land is nonsense.

Australia was Terra nullius and therefore ripe for take over by white men.

Phil - please rethink your reference to Quadrant.

Whatever one thinks of Quadrant - or cannibalism for that matter - censoring what is a first-hand account would be an appalling vandalisation of history - KJ

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