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14 January 2013


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Is it prestige or power that ultimately is represented by the outward display of wealth?

Don’t some males outwardly display their wealth and therefore potential to attract females by driving flash vehicles and wearing Armani suits?

The ‘average’ politician is always desperate to display his or her ‘power’ by making grandiose statements and gestures in order to try and demonstrate they are in charge of the situation rather than concentrating on ensuring good and effective government.

Traditional PNG leaders (big men), were recognised and venerated by their followers as being able to give away their own wealth in a publically transparent way.

This notion of PNG leadership has now made a quantum leap into the global economy via the ability to acquire, store or distribute wealth (in monetary terms) in a non-transparent manner.

It appears that some leaders now aspire to be able to arbitrarily give away government wealth while they salt away their own private wealth.

An obvious example of this practice is when a local politician reportedly walks around with a government cheque book visible in their hip pocket while some are apparently able to buy and own expensive real estate overseas.

In other countries this practice is referred to as ‘pork barrelling’ and usually requires clearly agreed government acquiescence (commission) in order for it to happen.

In PNG one could suggest it is more a case of omission. Recent media reports claim that the Parliamentary Speaker has just (Jan 2013) revealed around K69m has gone missing from government accounts over the last couple of years without any apparent responsibility and accountability.

Yes, Bro Pat, that would be a worthy piece to work on.

I contemplate on the changing lifestyles of today's youngsters.

A shift from, social respect and moral upbringing to a corrupt cultist one that is dominated by electronic gadgets with a corrupted mindset - the hunger to get rich quicker. Let alone corruption.

I have been thinking of writing an article for the DWU Journal on the topic of "Every artifact - cultural political religious etc - imported into Papua New Guinea has been Melanesianised".

The cultural need for prestige has changed from pigs and native valuables to cash, with an extraordinary impact.

I intend to start with money and the prestige economy rather than the business economy. Who can provide me with advice please?

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