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25 January 2013


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Surely the everlasting accretion of Peter Kranz's wise views within Attitude's pages is enough without resorting to reprinting from the World Socialist Website.

Those burdened with an innate lefty predisposition could surely go direct?

Articles relevant to the interests of our readership are republished at the discretion of the editor irrespective of their ideological antecedents - KJ

Well stated. I feel PNG should not allow BHP to "have another go" in PNG until they have tidied up the mess they left after their "last go" i.e. Ok Tedi.

Mining companies who cause massive pollution problems in PNG must be called on to spend time and money on remedial efforts.

For Heaven's sake, they have wrecked the livelihood of thousands of innocent people. They wouldn't get away with it in Australia.

Trained PNGian citizens who have worked on mines in developed countries can see how the big mining companies who open up mines in developing countries will try to cut their costs, ignore safety proceedure and hoodwink the leaders of developing countries or even bribe their way out of trouble.

O'Neill has every right to put pressure on BHP. He leads a country where the average income is very low and BHP is one of the richest companies in the world and its profits go into the pockets of people who have good incomes.

O'Neill is a gem and if he can restrain himself from being corrupted and get remediation for the 50,000 people of the Fly River catchment area he will be my hero!

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