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03 January 2013


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Peter, your story makes me pilim nongut about some people who act as if they are the better kind, the know alls, can fix alls.... just by stepping ashore on our land in their caucasian colours.SHAME!!

Thank you Peter Krantz for being forthright about mixed culture marriages, particularly between Australians and PNGans.

It's interesting to note how the application of PNG culture of bride price payment by some expatriates is sometimes better handled than by PNGans ourselves.

So cultural identification is really an idea; to be Papua New Guinean, think like us and vice versa.

That doesn't mean you have to be brain washed, but I think Lord Buddha was onto something when he taught about the middle way.

I think in this sense, making use of the best of both world views so that uniting families can live together in peace.

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