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17 December 2012


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Peter - Put it down to my dour Northern Irish Presbyterian
background. It was meant to be subtle humour.

My cousin John Clark McDermott, when he was the Senator
for Queens University in 1942, wWas also the Attorny General in the Nothern Ireland parliament.

The first German blitz in 1942 left Belfast ablaze with
well in excess of 100,000 souls displaced.

He sought premission from Sir James Craig, the Premier and an avid Free State hater to enlist aid from the southern Irish Premier Devalera and to a man the Eire fire brigades responded.

This was the body politic of two nations at its best.

George Bernard Shaw & Oscar Wilde were Fabian founders.

God Bless.

Bill - you are a great man with much history in PNG and I salute you.

But at this time of year we must maintain a sense of humour about the 'great and good' who pontificate.

I am a fellow Christian with a sense of humour and believe you can laugh with the best of them, especially when 'bik men' are stupid.

So may all God's peace be with you.

All the best.

Bill - Me also to you (best wishes). But remember the many non-conformist religious believers that were fundamental to the growth of the 'left' and liberal ideas. Without them, we'd probably still have slavery.

Thank god for the Methos and Press-me-free-betarians.

But I confess I find the antics of pollies and 'commentators' the source for endless humour.

Forgive me and God bless.

Peter - How can "Christ" fit in with the ALP's Fabian Society's atheist beliefs.

From me a Christian "Merry Christmas".

That's so funny. I know the ALP had pretensions, but to reign in Christ in support?

Holly Jehovah. It's Christmas after all I suppose.

Onya Bob.

Merry Christmas, Keith. Met you with Dick at Kone Tigers Football Club 1973. You have put a winning team together in this Forum.

Don't relent, Canbera's huffing & puffing over the years
leaves a lot to be desired.

In business when needed, you buy "heads". Not so Canberra. They buy copious quantities of consultants and spin doctors.

Alex Harris is a fresh breath to me with her exposure
of the Ramu nickel scam of the ASX and Bougainville Copper's contempt for the Bougainville landowners.

BTW, the @bobcarrFM quoted earlier this day is a fake. The real Bob Carr is @bobjcarr - KJ

The hazards of Twitter, Bob - watch out.

"Bob Carr ‏@bobjcarr- Good meeting with Bishop Daniel of Coptic Church and Christ Bowen to talk about protection of Middle East Christians."

Christ Bowen!

Jesus Bob!

Hey Mr Carr, forget about the big pig. There are more fish to fry compared to the poor pig.

By that I mean I would have liked you to have visited my island of Manus, where the Aussies set up camp for the queue jumpers.

Also, I would have liked you to see what the Aussie company called Newcrest is doing at Lihir (a 'wan solwara' coastal neighbour to Manus) in continuing to dump poisionous mining waste into our ocean.

Newcrest has other investment plans to do the same in Manus. God save us if they do go ahead with that because no one else will.

Australia being a stakeholder with Newcrest, surely must do something as a moral obligation to stop the mines from poisioning these oceans where its surrounding inhabitants whose lives depends entirely on it.

It's a funny thing that seems to have been evident from the word go.

Those with any detailed knowledge of PNG seem to be intentionally shunned when those in Canberra make decisions affecting our bilateral relationship.

It's almost as if those Australians with PNG knowledge and experience are treated with contempt and regarded as competitors for any kudos that could be milked from any decision making, report writing or policy inception on PNG.

One would think it should be possible to put aside ego and point scoring and concentrate on improving our relationship with our nearest neighbours.

It takes strength of character to ask for and listen to advice. One doesn't have to abide by it.

People who take the time and effort to contribute to this blog surely deserve some consideration and even some feedback on whether we can help our two nations.

Look at one the initiatives already raised on this forum. PNG's and Australia's shared history should be included in the new school curriculum yet action taken: Nil so far.

Thanks again Keith for hosting this blog and for the opportunities it offers.

Every wrong attempt made discarded is a step forward. Bob's George Bush type eyeing of PNG it seems is over now.

Bob, I are delighted you read Attitude and trust at least some of it is informative....I also hope other members and opposition use it as a vehicle to keep informed.And NO, I also do not wish your job. Safe travels and best wishes for the festive season.

Good to see some interest in PNG Attitude from those on high.

That's a great pig you've got there Bob - reminds me of Mangi Mosbi.

Merry Christmas.

Keith, you are in a festive forgiving Christmas mood ! But I will also, tongue in cheek, go along with you.

So Merry Christmas Bob and we will see and hear from you next year

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