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09 December 2012


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"Economic growth must be accompanied by a narrowing of inequality to ensure future prosperity in PNG".

Sage advice from an Asian authority. I wonder why the Somare government, which was very pro-Asia, didn't take this advice on board.

The O'Neill government has shifted its focus from Asia to Australia and the USA. I wonder whether they would offer the same sort of advice?

I doubt it; the disparity between the rich and poor is growing by the day in both countries.

Come to think of it, it is doing the same thing in most of Asia, although the Chinese seem to be making some inroads towards urban/rural equality.

So it is probably hypocritical advice anyway.

But it does lead one to wonder what would happen if overseas companies operating in PNG were to make a song and dance about fixing equality.

Would the PNG government dance to the tune?

If the Asian Development Bank is to be believed that would benefit everyone.

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