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24 December 2012


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I am glad to hear that you found my article helpful, Brian.

And I also hope, Mrs Short, that other communities are able to learn from the successes in "hybrid peacebuilding" that did emerge out of the Bougainville crisis.

Thank you so much for putting pen to paper and adding background to my experiences, so I can better understand other parts of this fascinating course of events and the potential future for the people of PNG.

Thanks for this excellent article. It has taught me something about PNG restorative justice.

Maybe this type of justice can be used to solve the problems of all the corruption that has taken place in the past. Maybe the "houses and buildings in Cairns" can be retored to the "people of PNG" whose maney was used to buy them for private purposes in the past.

It is notable to hear that in a matrilinial society the women have been able to play a very important role.

I just wish there were more women in the PNG parliament, especially from other parts of PNG where there is a matrilinial custom in place. I'm sure this would help solve some of PNG's problems.

It is interesting to hear how the wise people of Bougainville are able to combine elements of the western model of statehood with elements of customary governance, customary law and conflict resolution.

It is to be hoped that Bougainville will set up a model of conflict resolution that can be copied by other communities in PNG who are faced with the prospect of a large mine or other type of resource project on their land.

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