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11 December 2012


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Phil - I have paid my dues on High Commissioner Ian Kemish, and indeed he has a very impressive CV.

Mr. Kemish was most recently Australian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, a position he held from April 2006. Prior to this, Mr. Kemish was First Assistant Secretary, International Division in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Mr. Kemish's overseas service includes Vienna and Brunei. He has also worked on secondment with the New Zealand Ministry of External Relations.

Mr. Kemish was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2003 in recognition of managing the Australian Government's response in the aftermath of the 12 October 2002 Bali bombings.

Mr. Kemish holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Relations and South East Asian History from the University of Queensland. Mr. Kemish completed his primary school education in Papua New Guinea. He speaks Indonesian, German and Tok Pisin. Mr. Kemish is married and has two daughters.

As now all can see, if they hadn't before, most impressive.

As for the cocktail function he hosted, that was commendable, but they have a budget for such things.

Now recall that in previous posts that the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby has been referred to by some as "Fort Shithouse" [Fort Shitscared - ed] or some other weird name.

I strongly disagree with you, Phil, that we are a slobbering puppy to the USA. I think Kim Beazley as the present Ambassador to the USA would take great exception to this description of his job and I think Ian Kemish would agree.

I think I would prefer the US alliance to remain, warts and all, than to pander to the PRC.

Enough irrelevant chatter about Australian political polarities - KJ

We've had a bit to do with Ian Kemish because of his very generous support for the Crocodile Prize.

While we failed to get any support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ian came to the party by contributing from his own discretionary funds and hosting the awards, including laying on a venue and providing tucker and drinks.

He's a good bloke, softly spoken and highly respected in PNG. Both his Australian and Papua New Guinean staff are top notch.

If he had control of Australian policy towards PNG things would be a lot different.

It should also be noted that his speech is couched in simple terms but nevertheless gets to the crux of the matter.

Contrast that to the hideous document from AusAID, recently posted by Paul Oates, in relation to the 89 advisors .

Unfortunately the Australian media won't report what he said.

But does that really matter?

The inferiority complex that Australia displays by sitting at the feet of the USA like a slobbering puppy dog is not a good look. In fact its downright degrading and makes one ashamed.

PNG doesn't need Australia to pat it on the head. If the media in Oz ignores PNG that's their own loss.

Thank you Peter. My "mea culpa". I should have "wikipediaed" the High Commissioner first. Ninety-nine percent of the time I do. This time, I didn't. My apologies.

Regarding the attributes of a High Commissioner as described by Colin Huggins.

Colin will be undoubtably pleased to find out that the current Australian High Commissioner, Ian Kemish, came to and lived in PNG when he was very young.

He came with his father who worked for Elcom in the 1960s and 1970s.

Ian is a fluent tok pisin speaker which would have been useful in his Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade career which commenced almost 25 years ago.

Vale Pious Kerepia, the first Papua New Guinean Police Commissioner at PNG Independence and a north Bougainvillean by birth.

I had the privilege of being his Executive Officer for
a period in 1980, when he was then the Secretary of Transport, Works And Supply.

Pious was an absolute scholar and a complete gentleman.

Bougainvilleans, you may have a hard road to hoe. I just pray for you all that Premier Peter O'Neill Is your mentor. Help him make it happen.

Tim - I would be more than surprised if this makes any news at all in the Australian media.

There was a good report on FM Senator Carr by one of the
so-called experts on what Carr has so far done in one or two of today's papers, but what the Australian High Commissioner and his dumping in a river will not warrant any mention.

If they do get hold of it, they will wonder what he was doing with a group of "impressive young women". Now that might take some explaining?

After all, the main news here is that "backfiring" shock-jock call and what happened to a London nurse.
Talk about mea culpas, coming left, right and centre. I might add that what was supposedly an innocent stupid stunt by the media has backfired with terrible repercussions. Silly smart arsed twits, now branded for life.

This update by the Australian High Commissioner, Ian Kemish on PNG is not at all informative, even makes that mystery Falcon 900 jet flight and the antics in a high rollers Sydney Casino look first rate by a
would be PNG PM! What was his name?

If Australia is to be successful with our ex-responsibility as the colonial power and now major benefactor, then the High Commissioner to PNG, should be someone who has lived in PNG and I am sure there must be one who is presently employed in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra worked and lived there.

Or take the plunge and send the ex- Ambassadors to Italy and the Holy See, Amanda Vanstone or Tim Fischer, ex-military also, a Vietnam veteran. Now that would throw cats among the pigeon loft.

Both seemed to have come out with flying colours and both appointed by a Labor government.

Now how do we get such great story to the Australian populace...its an art that has not been mastered yet.

Oh dear. what will our Australian mainstream media make of this?

Will we see the headline "Citizens of PNG enforce democratic rights" or something similarly positive?

Dont hold your breath.

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