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28 December 2012


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I worked for a short time around1967-68 for Steamships at their Mariboi rubber plantation In the Kanosia district.

I have endeavoured to find out a little more on this area and Steamships operations in the past without success: so I am very pleased to come across this site.

Steamies first big fire was at their Mt Hagen Hotel on 3 January 1971. On 3 November the Mount Hagen Hardware Store was totally lost in another fire.

The Main Store in Port Moresby caught fire at 6.45 am on Saturday, 9 September 1972. The Supermarket, Ladies Wear, Packing Room, Country Orders and Reserve Stock areas were all consumed and there was a great deal of water damage to stock and fittings in other sections of the store.

The store re-opened on a limited scale on 21 September (there was a big fire sale on 15-16 September). It took until July 1974 for the store to be rebuilt and open again.

I wonder if the book mentions when the Steamies store burnt down during the 1970s. The question has come up in the FB group "I lived in PNG".

Hi,I did a fitout of the goroka store in 1970 only to see it all tumble down when an earth quake hit about 5am in the morning,I had a great time there as the people were so retired and hoping to take a trip back there one day

I also worked at Steamships Goroka, Lae, Rabaul & Port Moresby, leaving in January 1984 for Cairns, now back in Campbelltown.

Hi Phil, I was accountant at Steamies, Samarai, and my wife was the senior clerk there from January 1973 to September 1975.

Prior to that, I was based at Moresby and was the accounttant for Liquid Air, Rabaul Stevedores, Coral Sea Travel, Sevensons and Nabiri Quaries.

We experienced some geat times with Steamies and they were a great company to work for. I have been trying to get hold of the book for some time now but haven't been successful.

Love your comments!

Good to hear the comments from Bill Dunlop as I worked with Bill at Plant and Transport, Works and Supply H.Q.Boroko.

I left at the end of 1981,

G'Day Phil
I had the pleasure to be the Transport Manager, From Easter 1973 untill 1976, When I then Became the Manager
Fot the Plant And Transport Authority,Bougainville.
"North Solomons".In those days.
Mr H D Underwood, Was "GOD" { MD } of Steamships,
Just like Tom Ellis Was he Kiaps GOD.
God bless All.

William dunop

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