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09 December 2012


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This is the kind of no win-win investment that the PNG government and the people of PNG don't need.

They should get out of it the sooner the better whilst the damage to the ocean floor and its surrounding ocean areas is still revesible.

An investment that does not guarantee zero harm to the environment and people should nevere lbe given the licence to operate in PNG and should be stop.

Mike Johnson knows that he can not guarantee zero harm. Peter O'Neill knows that he can not guarantee zero harm.

The coastal villages whose life depend on these parts of ocean knows that and therefore are the big losers here.

Therefore there is a compelling moral duty and obligation - to do the right and proper thing by shuting down the construction altogether.

As an engineer who has had over 25 years of first hand experience with these technologies within and without PNG - it is a no brainer about the irrevesible destruction and devastation these sort of activities can cause to the environment and people.

Shut it now whilst the damage is fixable and recoverable.

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