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25 December 2012


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This is a powerful memoir. You write with such clarity and insight.

This letter to PNG in particular, the family traditions, is one reminiscent of our not-too-long-ago past which is changing all too quickly for comfort.

The experiences then will not be the same today. The attention, the respect, the time one got to oneself from elders are in a lot of ways not the same anymore.

We want to stay in that moment. Inevitably we are changing to keep pace with grandma World and the pace is fast, traditions lost in the process. How then do we retain those qualities that help us preserve the moment?

The answer I believe you have discovered yourself. Love. Unconditional love bestowed with abandon, to accept, to emulate and to guard.

A high price, this love has because it is the greatest compared to faith and hope. It does not change with time and we can maintain and preserve our moments with unconditional love even in this day and age.

An inspiring read.

As a development professional I have, over the years and for various reasons, allowed a negative mindset to get hold of me, becoming increasing cynical at any suggestion of a national PNG dream.

I read a piece like the one you have written especially coming from a young person during a season of giving, early in a brand new year and I am stopped in my tracks to hope again.

Beautiful, uplifting, hope-inspiring piece. Thanks Ems!

Thank you Barbara, God has been good to me. Am praying and seeking His will for the future.

A wonderful letter. God has already given you many gifts of understanding that so many lack.

God bless you in the future. I wonder what lies ahead?

Wonderful piece.

Play school, Sesame street, Noddy, Thomas the Tank Engine and others introduced me to the English language at an early age.

I went through exactly the same experience.

To Brian and Brian :-) Thank you.

Dear Emma, what an absolutely beautiful letter to PNG. Most certainly written straight from the heart.

I could hardly read it because in places it made me feel so emotional.

Your letter has a very strong feeling of honesty and sincerity and this is what makes it such a powerful piece of writing. I do hope you continue to write.

Absolutely fantastic essay, May your god be with you always and keep you strong...

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